Torn Between... Everyone by Lunatic_Princess_66
Torn Between... Everyoneby Lexie V
The Shield was unstoppable. They got a fourth member, Suicide Bliss, in late 2013, then she began to date Dean Ambrose. He loved her. Protected her. They were completel...
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WWE's Most Hottest, Popular, and Unstable Power Couple by Lunatic_Princess_66
WWE's Most Hottest, Popular, and Lexie V
Katie Radke and Dean Ambrose are the most popular couple in sports entertainment. They're extremely affectionate, caring, protective, supportive, and defensive of each o...
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Ronnie Radke x Reader  by FanFictionForFrands
Ronnie Radke x Reader by Fan Fiction For All
"(y/n) I need a place to stay" I sigh "come in" I say aggravated but I couldn't be too mad. he was cute.
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Reprobate Romance (Andy Biersack) ✔️ (editing) by LexusRat
Reprobate Romance (Andy Biersack) Mouse
Alexis (Lexus) Ratliff is an aspiring musician, and close friends with the five men of Black Veil Brides, her closest relation being to their singer, Andy. They decide t...
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Poison Ink {Emerson Barrett} by ProbUnstableTBH
Poison Ink {Emerson Barrett}by ProbUnstableTBH
*Number two in ronnieradke as of 6/29/18* *Number seven in emersonbarrett as of 7/22/18* *Number 1!!! In fallinginreverse as of 8/15/18* Hey! So it's a bit rough in the...
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He's So Aggravating, But I Think I Like Him  by teRRoRXtRuth
He's So Aggravating, But I Think Leilah
Insomniac Outcasts lead guitarist Mandy is living the time of her life. Her band is on their biggest tour yet, opening for Escape the Fate. There's only one person who's...
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Adopted By Pierce The Veil    [Completed] by eat-a-butt-jurard
Adopted By Pierce The Veil [ WHY
"Ms. King, I'm sorry to tell you, that your father was in a car crash as a result of drunk driving, he did not survive the impact." A police officer told me. T...
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Never The Same (Ronnie Radke Love Story) by thatchickozzie
Never The Same (Ronnie Radke thatchickozzie
Lauren, a young tattoo model was at a photo shoot. Little did she know she'd be meeting Ronnie Radke. Lauren has no idea who he is, as he tries to pursue her.
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Ronnie Radke One Shot's  by dolphingirl1983
Ronnie Radke One Shot's by Dolphingirl
Just what the title says. I'm uploading my one shots from my tumblr to my Wattpad. Hope you enjoy!
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Tragic Magic II World Tour by Calypso_Bear
Tragic Magic II World Tourby Calypso_Bear
Juliet, now Mrs. Radke, is getting ready to go on tour with her husband, Ronnie Radke. After a very long and lonely road involving romances with Craig Mabbitt and TJ Bel...
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Tragic Magic by Calypso_Bear
Tragic Magicby Calypso_Bear
After the arrest of Escape The Fate's former lead singer, Ronnie Radke, things begin spiral downhill for Juliet. Two and half years later, Ronnie is a free man and ready...
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Incorrect FIR/ETF by stormchacer
Incorrect FIR/ETFby SpookyRoyale :3
I've been seeing a lot of these types of accounts on Twitter, but none of them have been of Falling In Reverse or Escape The Fate, so I'm taking it to Wattpad and creati...
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The man covered with tattoos~ Ronnie radke X reader *COMPLETE** by trippemadison
The man covered with tattoos~ Maddie🕷
"man your tattoos." "yeah I'm the man covered with tattoos."
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I'll be Okay by Slothgirl93
I'll be Okayby Bethany.Dalton
Post Malone Social media story Character Cassandra Boken is fictional and played by a few girls depending on the pictures needed(currently Emma Roberts). . Dezi Weezer...
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Falling in Reverse Imagines ^.^ by castieldeanandsam
Falling in Reverse Imagines ^.^by castieldeanandsam
just imagines :)
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difference // ronnie radke fanfic  by iliwyskim
difference // ronnie radke fanfic by iliwyskim
"What are you two in for?" "We were in the wrong place at the wrong time..." - - Ronnie radke fanfic.
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♡Super Gay♡ Multiship Groupchat (slow updates) by galacticdisasterpan
♡Super Gay♡ Multiship Groupchat ( Skyy
Its just a really gay gc full of gay and shit ◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇ Potter has changed their name to felony steve Felony steve: pew pew Ass: awsten wth Granger: hes drunk...
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Mr. Control Freak (Chris Motionless fan fiction)  by Zombie_Meats_Girl
Mr. Control Freak (Chris Zombie_meats_Boi
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Once A Foe, Now A Friend ~Ronnie Radke FanFic~ by _KatEVans_
Once A Foe, Now A Friend ~Ronnie Kat eVans ☄
It all started on Kats 7th grade year. It was the start of the second semester and the new bully had just arrived. It was none other than Ronnie Radke. He made her schoo...
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The Life of Hayley Fuentes~Freshman by TheRobbyExchange
The Life of Hayley Fuentes~Freshmanby Robby
Version 2 of my book series. New Jersey resident Hayley Fuentes was only 14 when her family discovered her harming way of life. Instead of sending her to the hospital th...
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