Rude [Harry Styles]

Rude [Harry Styles]

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"Why are you so rude?"

"Maybe because that's who I am or because people like you deserve to be treated that way."

Who knew that two strangers fighting for a beanie would lead to a weird friendship or maybe something more, and it started a lesson where Harry taught Eve how to be a good person and stop being rude.


kickstyles kickstyles Jul 30, 2016
This is so me like I relate so much although people get scared of me before I even open my mouth because apparently I have a "rude stare" also but that's really just my face
justreadingnasty justreadingnasty Dec 14, 2016
everyone singing WAYN and I'm like "I KNOW YOU CALLED HIM ON YOUR CELL PHONE"
chocolate1416 chocolate1416 Nov 06, 2016
Everyone here is like 'don't u know I'm human too' n I just had to Google it to  find it...
holly2452 holly2452 6 days ago
I have a bi*ch face so people usually just give me dirty looks
bangtan_the_sheit bangtan_the_sheit Aug 20, 2016
Uh uh nigguh I would've beat his assistant until he was saying sorry or begging mercy! 😂😂😂
livxcamxo livxcamxo Oct 22, 2016
Why you gotta be so ruuude .. dont you know im human tooo 😂😂😂