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✔️Ink Bendy x Reader - Alone Within the Ink #Wattys2019 by MaskedDragon533
✔️Ink Bendy x Reader - Alone MaskedDragon533
Female reader! Completed! Everyone knows about Bendy; how he is a dangerous monster that stalks and attacks Henry. But what if I told you those stories were wrong, that...
Ink Bendy x Reader - Till Ink Do Us Part by flemingsara
Ink Bendy x Reader - Till Ink Do flemingsara
[UNDER CORRECTION] You're a young and hopeful voice actress in your late teens and your name is (Y/N) Pendle. You had a quite peaceful life until your sister, Allison, a...
Cuphead: The Stolen Soul by Friendly1ntrovert
Cuphead: The Stolen Soulby Friendly-1ntrovert
Cuphead and Mugman are tasked with collecting the souls of the Devil's runaway debtors in order to repay him and save their lives. As they explore the island searching f...
Irreplaceable (BendyxReader) by TheRealMissMisery
Irreplaceable (BendyxReader)by Miss Misery
Y/N once worked as a voice actress for an old cartoon, however that was cut insanely short when she was suddenly replaced. Now, 30 years later she returns to the abandon...
The Beast Made of Ink by ForeverAnOtaku2703
The Beast Made of Inkby ForeverAnOtaku2703
(This is a Bendy x Reader fanfic) Your Great-Uncle Henry Stein passed away a little over a year ago, leaving behind all of his belongings for you, including a mysterious...
Why is Love so Hard? |BENDY X HENRY| by africkenfricker
Why is Love so Hard? |BENDY X Shipping Cesspool
{ON HIATUS} You are mine. M-I-N-E. And I'm not too keen to share~ ((ALL ART NOT MINE JUST AMAZING!!)
BABTQFTIM reacts to BATIM  by 480435689l
BABTQFTIM reacts to BATIM by 480435689l
Ok so I have gotten back into the BATIM and BABTQFTIM fandom. Also I have being trying to find fanficitons of the two of them meeting or reacting to each other. So I dec...
A Demonic Caretaker (Bendy x Cartoon Reader) by Nonymus_Riter
A Demonic Caretaker (Bendy x AnonYmouS
This is book 1 of 2 Life was pretty normal, everyone was happy with one another. Life was peacefully. That was the case until Bendy, Boris and I were ripped out of our d...
BATIM - Fallen Angel by NawaraAbasee
BATIM - Fallen Angelby Nawara Abasee
This the story about Henry Stein has becoming Toon Angel... (I made the cover 😁) Stories idea was made By PinkFluffyUniMegy... She let me used her story to continuo and...
My Inky Heart-(Sammy Lawrence x Female reader) by LUMMURIE
My Inky Heart-(Sammy Lawrence x Sachiko
(y/n) is the niece of the creator of the infamous Bendy cartoons, Mister Joey Drew. One day, a tragic accident drives her to flee into his old studio, and discovers she'...
Bendy's Sammy by PicklesandJam
Bendy's Sammyby PicklesandJam
Sammy Lawrence, a psychopathic ink cultist, finally figures out that his worshipping of Bendy may not be platonic. Will he be able to get the ink demon to feel the same...
(| Bendy And The Ink Machine |) by agrace932YT
(| Bendy And The Ink Machine |)by agrace932YT
▪︎After so many loops, Henry begins to lose hope to ever break the cycle and go home. ▪︎Henry does what Joey says so he can go home but it ends all the same. ▪︎So, what...
He's Quite An Angel! by TheGrinningInkDemon
He's Quite An Angel!by TheGrinningInkDemon
Henry wakes up in a body that isn't quite his own, and shits about to go D O W N-
BATIM x Reader (Bendy and the Forgotten Dream: AU) by ItsMilkshakeTime
BATIM x Reader (Bendy and the ItsMilkshakeTime
"The studio pulled you back..." "...What scares me is the question of how he's still gone." "...Even if he forgot the experience, the feeling st...
Monster...Not  (Sammy Lawrence x Female Reader by schapman706
Monster...Not (Sammy Lawrence x AuzzieBites
As Henry Stein's brother, I naturally was also a wonderful artist. But, I never would be able to draw. I was a wonderful singer, and I helped write songs around the Musi...
The mostly random one shots of Sammy and Bendy by DragonKnightInWhite
The mostly random one shots of A loser who writes
!!!THE FIRST STORY'S MAY NOT BE AS GOOD AS MY NEW ONES!!!! this is my first post so i'm just posting one shots, idk how often i will update or post more. I will take req...
Broken Down (A Bendy & The Ink Machine Story) by InkyFalls023
Broken Down (A Bendy & The Ink Dipper Pines
Nobody knew about Bendy's existence but Joey Drew, not even Henry had knowledge of the ink demon hidden in the studio. Thirty years later after the Studio was shut down...
●Demons Can Love, Cant They?● by TheOneIdiotUvU
●Demons Can Love, Cant They?●by .
This is my first book so sorry it's crap. This is Benry (Bendy X Henry) do if you don't like it well then I'm sorry. Henry just gave up. He was stuck in neverending loop...
Bendy x reader smut (one-shots) by Bloodied-Cxndy
Bendy x reader smut (one-shots)by Kitten/ivlis
Mature content as you can already tell, read at your own risk!! But just a little disclaimer that there are slow updates and early chapters are rather rushed sadly. Enjo...
BABTQFTIM x Reader (Female) by XSharkyxSharkX
BABTQFTIM x Reader (Female)by 🅢🅗🅐🅡🅚🅨
Y/n, the main character in this book, has the inkness. She goes on a quest with her brand knew and first ever friends to find the pieces to the ink machine, which it bel...