One Bullet ||LevixReader||

One Bullet ||LevixReader||

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Smile-forever-chan By EvelynYang0 Updated Jun 08

**Modern AU**

You're starting at a new school..... again, having personal problems at home, that you don't want anybody to find out, and meeting a total complete stranger that'll change your life. That complete stranger is Levi Ackerman, after thinking you two are over an event happens that will not only change your life but bring you two closer together.

What's the big event?? Read to find out.

{Under extreme editing}

Jeeze thats the second time ive rejected a hand shake. Wtf me
kv_writer kv_writer May 22
I've been searching for this for EVER after I last read it a year ago, I'm gonna start crying......
She's gonna die, isn't she? These comments are making me extremely anxious.
I hate when this happens! Youre just like "oh yay, i just drew slot of bad attention to me, fack"
My aunt has a drinking and smoking problem :p but she really isn't that bad
That's the name of my oc's friend....
                              (No offense don't think I'm copying u)