Fairy Tail Mental Hospital

Fairy Tail Mental Hospital

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MadH4tter By MadH4tter Updated Aug 24, 2016

This is Fairy Tail AU (Alternate Universe) where all the
characters have some sort of mental illness and were addmited
into Fairy Tail Mental Hospital.

Join Natsu as he adjusts to life at the hospital, and
learns lots of secrets.

DISCLAIMER: (For whole book) I do not own Fairy Tail or the cover picture

Amazing cover was made by @pwa_56

Rwby307336 Rwby307336 Aug 26
This is reminding me of a asylum from a Shizuo x izaya fanfiction
KidiGal KidiGal Apr 29
You could bang your head on the metal desk repeatedly to kill yourself. Or make yourself pass out.
Egg__Chan Egg__Chan Aug 10
Lucy... Is like the nicest person in fairy-tail. If u dont piss her off, so why make her the most dangerous. No fair. As long as it turns into a NaLu, lmao.
When I started reading this I'm like, "Lucy is so going to be Harley Quinn" She entered and then randomly laughs. "Yep Harley Quinn"
KidiGal KidiGal Apr 29
Wait, is the books Lucy or Levy? It must be Levy. But is Lucy gonna be keys or something? Or is she gonna be on the 3rd floor and have nothing on her door?
Snowycat57 Snowycat57 Aug 23
If this was real Fairy Tail, and Lucy's on floor 3, WHAT THE F WOULD ERZA BE ON?!