Fairy Tail Mental Hospital

Fairy Tail Mental Hospital

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T.A.G. By MadH4tter Updated Aug 24

This is Fairy Tail AU (Alternate Universe) where all the
characters have some sort of mental illness and were addmited
into Fairy Tail Mental Hospital.

Join Natsu as he adjusts to life at the hospital, and
learns lots of secrets.

DISCLAIMER: (For whole book) I do not own Fairy Tail or the cover picture

Amazing cover was made by @pwa_56

Why? Why do people find that satisfying? I mean once I feel pain I never want to feel it ever again! Matter a fact I want to go as far as possible away from it
Interesting could  a asylum or. They are trapped somewhere next
Same its like your worst nightmare but a million times worse
I have a feeling Lucy will either be a nurse or live on the third floor, don't know why
This book is so beautifully written with a hint of sadness I LOVE IT
SkylerChan223 SkylerChan223 3 days ago
I'm sorry I read 'grant it' as Granit Xhaka an Arsenal Footballer (my favourite team)