Two For The Blood

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HugsAreFree By HugsAreFree Updated 4 years ago
Things have quieted down. Eric Northman is bored and still mourns the death of Godric as the months go by and still Sookie still has not given herself to him. But will everything change once someone new arrives in town? Will Eric be able to handle her? Will she be the one to finally be able to tame him?
Ohhh my god I just couldn't take my eyes of the screen.... I <3 <3 <3 this book
I have read this entire story and I am eager to begin book 2.  Please let me know what to look for!
Ok it needs an ending like now. How r you going to cut it off there
I like this! I am a fan of True Blood and I wanted to read some fan fiction. I like the character you created in Violet.
i absoluuttlyy loved it!! i love the show and cnt wait for it to come back but this is rlly good!! 
Please tell me your going to be writting more of this story I think its really good :)