Why me!? MarkiplierxReader (Now Editing)

Why me!? MarkiplierxReader (Now Editing)

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When Y/n meets the guy she's been fangirling over for 4 years, she thought nothing could get any better.

Well guess what..?

Nothing really did get better.

"Why me!?" Is the saddest moment for y/n

HIHaynes HIHaynes Jul 08
Since when did Wade learn all of this?! Is he a doctor now?!
                              Wade: Hello, I'm Dr Lordminion777! Let's see how ur doing today Mr Fischbach
                              Mark: Get TF away from me
No one likes Wal-Mart Mark. You won't get overloaded with fangirls.
Clestial229 Clestial229 Jul 09
God, I just realized, Nome of my friend's would act like that... If I woke up from a head injury like that, my friend would probably walk into the room and be like "Oh hey, ur awake, glad to see ur still alive."
terrortyler terrortyler Apr 25
OMG I'm reading this in 2017 and MEOW was such old video DAYM
I'll be needing stitches, tripping over myself aching begging you to come help and now that I'll be needing stitches 😂😂😂
I now a Hannah and a Lacy. They don't like me. I'm changing their names.