Why me!? MarkiplierxReader (Now Editing)

Why me!? MarkiplierxReader (Now Editing)

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When Y/n meets the guy she's been fangirling over for 4 years, she thought nothing could get any better.

Well guess what..?

Nothing really did get better.

"Why me!?" Is the saddest moment for y/n

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HIHaynes HIHaynes Jul 08, 2017
Since when did Wade learn all of this?! Is he a doctor now?!
                              Wade: Hello, I'm Dr Lordminion777! Let's see how ur doing today Mr Fischbach
                              Mark: Get TF away from me
Clestial229 Clestial229 Jul 09, 2017
God, I just realized, Nome of my friend's would act like that... If I woke up from a head injury like that, my friend would probably walk into the room and be like "Oh hey, ur awake, glad to see ur still alive."
FluffyAssMarshmallow FluffyAssMarshmallow Aug 16, 2017
I now a Hannah and a Lacy. They don't like me. I'm changing their names.
1regan96 1regan96 Feb 19
Everything is a feather if your arms are sexy- I mean strong enough.
NbdyVnCrsBtS NbdyVnCrsBtS Aug 14, 2017
If it wasn't my crush snogging another guy then I don't really wanna know at this point 😂😂😂
lexidastalker lexidastalker Oct 30, 2017
Boy I look like I'm bout to shop lift cuz my outfit in stores is a black hoodie and tights