Dead Without You (MarkiplierXReader)

Dead Without You (MarkiplierXReader)

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Y/n moved to LA in hope of a better start. Unfortunately the opposite happened, she couldn't hold a job or find a house. She was homeless on the streets, barley getting enough money to feed herself. Not having any close family or friends, she passed out in an alleyway from lack of food. Luckily for her, her life might change for the better because of a stranger.

WARNING! Depression, suicide, etc. are used in this story (as is all of my stories)

Also first markXreader I've ever done, in new stories the writing has gotten way better. Please stop reminding me of my mistakes.

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Oceana923 Oceana923 Sep 05, 2017
Me: ya know I can just tap the pencil onto the desk next to me
                              Also me: throw it...
Emo_Astronaut Emo_Astronaut Oct 17, 2017
I WAS THINKING THAT! Except for when that chick jumped out of the building... Yeah, least just ignore that part...
PeculiAngel PeculiAngel Jul 27, 2017
I don't want to stop reading but I need to go to my drivers license class 😭
Oceana923 Oceana923 Sep 05, 2017
Who else went onto here and pretended to type in "Who are you?" To make it feel realistic?
Vexiku Vexiku Sep 30
I'm just imaging a half dead woman throwing a pencil at marks head and its hilarious
😂 I don’t know why, but I keep comin’ back and reading this book over and over.
                              Truthfully, this book gives me so much nostalgia and inspiration. Yeah, the book could do some fixing and all, but I don’t think I would be writing if it weren’t for this book. So thank you friend!