Strongest Of Them All (FairyTail FanFic) {Book 1}

Strongest Of Them All (FairyTail FanFic) {Book 1}

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How would you feel if your own friends turned against you? How would you react? That's what Lucy's situation was. 

Kicked out of The FairyTail guild with unending showings of rejection, Lucy was forced to retreat and train as hard as ever. Leaving the city of Fiore and setting foot in another world, she was determined to destroy them in the upcoming Grand Magic Games.

Her one goal, was to be the strongest of them all....

FairyTail... You won't know what'll hit you. Especially that dang... Witch! (Can't and WON'T  Cuss)
derpsheep derpsheep Jul 06
But Carla doesn't seem like she would jump up and hug somebody who isn't Wendy
Lucy wtf!!! You Should've raised your arm and put up the middle finger and say "Sayonara Bi**hes(use your imagination to fill in the blank spaces kids)"
simran1299 simran1299 May 09
U know what is  the most  dangerous disease of all?-OVER-CONFIDENCE. And I think that you have caught that disease.
NaluIsInMyHeart NaluIsInMyHeart 6 days ago
Why you gotta be so rude! Don't you know she's human too!!!!!!!!!
NaluIsInMyHeart NaluIsInMyHeart 6 days ago
Lucy:*calls fandom"
                              Fandom: WHAT DID HE SAY!!!!
                              Me: TIME TOO KILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!