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Goodbye Lucy

Goodbye Lucy

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BriannaC. °·° By Xx_Breezy_Bee_xX Completed

Lucy has been a loyal member of Fairy Tail ever scince Natsu brought her there. She was having a great time as a part of team natsu, and she loved doing missions with them. All of those fun times with Natsu, Gray, Erza, and Happy are left behind when a girl who used to be in Fairy Tail supposedly comes back from the dead. Ever since then, Natsu has been cold hearted to Lucy and the whole guild has been ignoring her exept for her only friends Gray, Levy, Gageel, Wendy, Mira, Lissana, the exeeds, and Master. Finally Natsu just decides to go ahead and kick Lucy off the team. When Lucy hears the news, she quits the guild and finds out something new about herself.
She is the..............
Read to find out


Please don't judge the summary, I'm horrible at them. I promise though: it will be a good book!:-P

Because natsu is the leader its doesn't matter how strong you are so you can be the leader
Natsu: Erza isn't that scary! I can beat her, no problem! 😆 After I finish eating this cake. (Stuffing face)🍰
                              Erza: Natsu... THAT WAS MY CAKE! YOU WILL PAY!!!!!!!😈
                              Natsu: AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😨😵😱
Yeah, she definitely owes you guys when you barge into her apartment and take all her food, look through her drawers, sleep in her bed, take baths and showers in her bathroom, etc. -note the sarcasm-
bts_trashy_trash bts_trashy_trash Aug 02, 2016
But yet if u got Lucy kick u would be down for the count and gray savage
KitKatTicTac104 KitKatTicTac104 Oct 16, 2016
Back when she had 10... 10 golden keys... AQUARIUS NOOOOOOO!!!
                              Now she only has 14 including the silver keys! *sobs* YOU WERE SO RUDE BUT SO NICE AQUARIUS!!
                              WHY SO BIPOLOR?!! *sobs*
xXxnalu5evrxXx xXxnalu5evrxXx Oct 15, 2016
I will personally kick your a$$ if you ever say something like that again. Seriously