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Gay Rehab (Ryden Fanfiction)

Gay Rehab (Ryden Fanfiction)

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Melody Urie By Melody_is_Forever Updated Jul 10, 2015

Yes, it exists. In Nevada, there is a institution just for homosexual teens that have these 'special' thoughts. Crazy parents send their trouble teenagers for while, in hope that their child will magically become straight when they return. Of course in the institution there are different levels. Some floors have drug addicts, alcohol addicts, and LGBT treatments. But the main treatment is gay services.
In Summerlin, Nevada, a boy by the name of Brendon Urie happens to have the most Mormon parents in the universe, well that's his opinion. He comes out to his parents and it doesn't go well. They got so worked up about it that they tried interventions, church, family meetings etc. But nothing worked because you can't exactly change someone's sexual orientation. So in response they had to get something bigger involved. They sent him to 'Center of Behavioral Health.' 
When he went he knew nothing was going to change, things only got worse. 
He met a boy named Ryan Ross.

When I saw twenty minutes, my mind just autocorrected it to twenty one pilots.
Lmao I wish it were this easy. Like, I do realize that me liking other girls is wrong, but it's not like I can slap it out of myself. It doesn't work like that. Sexuality is like a paper; once it is crumpled it cannot be straightened again.
bighades bighades Jan 22
Half of the comments are serious and the other half are iM PETE WENTZ FROM MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE
I'm imagining Beebo cuddling with a stuffed green turtle and now I'm crying I can't even.