Your Face/// ryden by ryden4lifexoxo
Your Face/// rydenby abbie
After years of being arch enemies, and Brendon being bullied constantly for his sexuality, Ryan and Brendon's hatred for one another turns into a budding romance. Read...
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Death Of Me - Ryden (Finished) by Ryan_Ana_Black
Death Of Me - Ryden (Finished)by •Cringy•Aries•
The story I'm going to tell you may starts a bit different than usual. It starts with a dead person. The poor boys heart just stopped beating. And at that young age, onl...
  • ryanross
  • ghost
  • boyxboy
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Fate - Panic! At The Disco by death-of-a-phangirl
Fate - Panic! At The Discoby death-of-a-phangirl
Years and years after the split, years and years after Brendon had been doing Panic! At The Disco solo, years after all four of them had gotten married and had kids and...
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Baby💐Ryden CGL/ABDL Oneshots by patdrynrss
Baby💐Ryden CGL/ABDL Oneshotsby just len
Warning! this contains diaper using, calling partner Daddy, and just CGL/ABDL in general. Some parts may be icky, some may be super cute Pretty Odd! Little! Ryan Vices...
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Rewrite Your Happiness (A Ryan Ross Fanfiction) by KittyKatjaGirl
Rewrite Your Happiness (A Ryan Ros...by KittyKatjaGirl
What if you had the chance to change someone's past...would you change it for the better, or let them be? What if you woke up in the year 2003 and met an under appreci...
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Brendon Urie's Sister by ellslikesbands
Brendon Urie's Sisterby ellie
Finley is Brendon Urie's teenage sister, with a burning passion for photography. And she has a summer project: take photos, interesting ones. What could be more interest...
  • fanfic
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Gold And Coal (Ryden AU) by acrossxtheuniverse
Gold And Coal (Ryden AU)by *ia*
Ryan struggles with his life, the factory work and extremely low living standards can't guarantee him a long life. He loathes nothing more than his abusive and arrogant...
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Hey Moon (Ryden) by misplacedmoons
Hey Moon (Ryden)by Myagh
Ryan's new in town and with his crippling anxiety and past issues with bullying at his last town, school is not going to be easy for him to start fresh. That is, until h...
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Excactly What I'm Feeling || rydon by quainn0
Excactly What I'm Feeling || rydonby mofo
Brendon has just moved. And, he fucking hates it. He thought people would learn to give a second chance. That maybe his peers would see past his awkwardness. Guess wha...
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Fuck Buddies (Ryden) by NeverEndingWr1ter
Fuck Buddies (Ryden)by clay
In which Brendon and Ryan are fuck buddies. Brendon wants more and Ryan is definitely not gay... right? High School AU There will be a lot of smut. Third Person, but mai...
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Band Pictures You Didn't Know You Needed // Volume 2 by -xFallOutGirlx-
Band Pictures You Didn't Know You...by ♡ fall ♡
Ayyy, here's book 2 of the trash
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Sass Queen ~ Gerard Way x Reader by EllieIncredible
Sass Queen ~ Gerard Way x Readerby Elle
A new high school. Great. Just another place for y/n to become an outcast. Y/n didn't really have any friends at her old school, so it was easier to leave the old place...
  • spencersmith
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Ryden Smut (from Live Journal and AO3) by LaurenxXxJauregui
Ryden Smut (from Live Journal and...by Ericka
None of the stories are mine. All of them are from live journal and archive of our own. The names of the authors are written in every chapter. I am not claiming these wo...
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weightless 🌸🌸 multiship by underscoreryann
weightless 🌸🌸 multishipby walmart ryan ross
A mix of band members being aLL kinds of things ranging from photographers to musicians, to instagram models, but all having instagram #highest rankings# #1 in jalexbara...
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Poly // Bryllon  by weed4atti
Poly // Bryllon by Atticus
pol·y·am·o·ry ˌpälēˈamər noun the philosophy or state of being in love or romantically involved with more than one person at the same time.
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nsfweekes - brallon (1) by lemondal
nsfweekes - brallon (1)by 💛baby boy💛
instagram based brallon fic high key multi ship stop reading this please i'm literally begging
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▽ emo memes ▽ by -pavlove
▽ emo memes ▽by - ̗̀ ❀ ̖́ -
memes ○ band trash emo trinity + tøp ⚝ my chemical romance ▿ panic! at the disco ▿ fall out boy ▿ +twenty øne piløts ▿ WARNING! contains tears 130917
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♡Sweetheart♡                                   ||Brendon Urie x Reader|| by Irisone
♡Sweetheart♡...by «♪ɪʀɪsᴏɴᴇ♪»
"Why the fuck don't you hate me?" "I don't know, I can't help but love you." Brendon Urie: wealthy owner of two large mansions, the talk of the city...
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~BABY BLUE~ (Joshler) by 21nutellaaStars
~BABY BLUE~ (Joshler)by ✮~ KATIA ~✮
♡A-A-A-A-A-And they call you Baby Blue, 'cause it's your favorite colour♡ After being expelled, Tyler is sent to a boarding school for 'troubled youths' where a certain...
  • frankiero
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  • brendonurie
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Ryden Oneshots by strictly-business
Ryden Oneshotsby tia🌙
There's quite a bit of smut so if you are uncomfortable, don't read this :) - nothing is mine :)
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