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Replacement//Ryllon by RyanJamesParker
Replacement//Ryllonby Bleach Boy Vevo™
After Ryan left Panic! he decided to get in contact with the members that replaced him. But specifically Ryan wants to get close to the new bassist, Dallon Weekes. Start...
  • thewattys2019
  • ryanross
  • boyxboy
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It's a Circus • Ryden by capetowncunt
It's a Circus • Rydenby Capetowncunt
"I'm the new cancer, never looked better and you can't stand it." "shut up"
  • milk
  • brendon
  • gay
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Wrong Number | Ryden by LaurenxXxJauregui
Wrong Number | Rydenby Ericka
Unknown Number : Hey baby you like? ;) Brendon: ... Brendon: It's either you send me a $50 amazon gift card or I'mma leak your dick pic
  • jonwalker
  • brendonurie
  • panicatthedisco
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Stutter~ Ryden (Finished) by Ryan_Ana_Black
Stutter~ Ryden (Finished)by •Cringy•Aries•
*short chapters, finished* "B-bye Ryan", I whispered after he was gone. I smiled to myself because I managed to say his name out without stuttering.
  • rydenfanfic
  • brendonurie
  • urie
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Song fic book  by NuggetsNotDruggets
Song fic book by Joey Eli.
Different songs from different bands that mean different stuff
  • originalcharacters
  • dallonweekes
  • jonwalker
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nerve ⇨ brallon by payinginnaivety
nerve ⇨ brallonby i a n
"you got a lot of nerve, urie. you know that?"
  • dallonweekes
  • brendon
  • panicatthedisco
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dear ryan ⚣ ryden by iampanic
dear ryan ⚣ rydenby 𝙙𝙚𝙡𝙞𝙖𝙝
dear ryan you looked so stunning today do you believe in love at first sight? love brendon © iampanic 2017
  • spencersmith
  • joncer
  • letter
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Hallelujah by writersblock237
Hallelujahby writersblock237
Alexandria White : a proper church girl who has never lived a day in her life. Brendon Urie : the pastor's son who demands to live a life full of nothing but thrill. wha...
  • ryanross
  • panicatthedisco
  • petewentz
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THE END - BRENDON URIE  by brendonuriesgal
NASA has reported that an asteroid will be hitting the earth and possibly ending it in only four days. the government is making all families go into local shelters to ho...
  • frankiero
  • brendonurie
  • kennethharris
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30 Day Smut Challenge (mostly emo trinity ships) [COMPLETED] [Wattys 2017] by TheUnicornIsAKilljoy
30 Day Smut Challenge (mostly emo...by 击 Max 击
1-5 ▪♡naked cuddles♡✔ ▪☆Gerard Way☆ ▪☆Patrick Stump☆ ▪♡kissing♡✔ ▪☆Brendon Urie☆ ▪☆Dallon Weekes☆ ▪♡first time♡✔ ▪☆Ryan Ross☆ ▪☆Spenc...
  • petewentz
  • ryanross
  • frankiero
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Gold And Coal (Ryden AU) by acrossxtheuniverse
Gold And Coal (Ryden AU)by *ia*
Ryan struggles with his life, the factory work and extremely low living standards can't guarantee him a long life. He loathes nothing more than his abusive and arrogant...
  • dark
  • jonwalker
  • bden
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Pretty In Ink - Brendon Urie by brendxnurie
Pretty In Ink - Brendon Urieby Alexa ♡
24 year old college senior Alaina goes to a Fall Out Boy concert with her little sister on their Save Rock and Roll tour. Her night takes a twist when she goes to the ba...
  • dallonweekes
  • bandfanfic
  • panicatthediscofanfiction
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Adopted by Brendon Urie by _beebos_forehead
Adopted by Brendon Urieby _beebos_forehead
~ Mackenzie is a teen whose hearts beats faster every time she hears or listens to 'Brendon Urie'. He is even worse than nicotine. He addiction to P!atd is pretty. Odd...
  • patd
  • emo
  • andyhurley
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1: It All Started With Field Day by Solace_Space
1: It All Started With Field Dayby Solace Space
Gerard Way. A 16 year old teenager who's pansexual. He in love with his best friend, Frank Iero, but something happens. Frank who was supposedly all for the LGBTQ+ turns...
  • hayleywilliams
  • raytoro
  • wattpride
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Dead Boys Dance (The Belleville Vampire series Book #2) by twilightobbsessed123
Dead Boys Dance (The Belleville Va...by twilightobbsessed123
Please read the first book "Urie Houses" first book 2: Frank has his share of challenges---like being a genius in a school that favors looks over brains, deali...
  • frerard
  • brendonurie
  • kellinquinn
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Switched at Birth (A Patrick Stump Fanfic) by _Hum_Hallelujah
Switched at Birth (A Patrick Stump...by your friend
Kristina never really was the same as her parents. She was quite different. She didn't even look like them! Then one day, one phone call made everything make sense.
  • spencersmith
  • parents
  • breezyweekes
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Fuck Buddies (Ryden) by NeverEndingWr1ter
Fuck Buddies (Ryden)by clay
In which Brendon and Ryan are fuck buddies. Brendon wants more and Ryan is definitely not gay... right? High School AU There will be a lot of smut. Third Person, but mai...
  • panicatthedisco
  • wattys2017
  • highschool
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𝐄𝐌𝐎 𝐐𝐔𝐀𝐑𝐓𝐄𝐓 𝐈𝐌𝐀𝐆𝐈𝐍...by mr. struggle
Book two of your favorite emo quartet book. ↳ requests are open
  • gerardway
  • mychemicalromance
  • top
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EMO QUARTET ⓘⓜⓐⓖⓘⓝⓔⓢ by Repressed-emo
Includes MCR, FOB, P!ATD & TØP (No smut)
  • imagines
  • joshdun
  • fob
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YOU - BRENDON URIE  by brendonuriesgal
YOU - BRENDON URIE by 𝔞𝔯𝔦𝔞𝔫𝔫𝔞
"LIVE FROM NEW YORK ITS SATURDAY NIGHT!" where saturday night live's star comedian and panic! at the disco's frontman form a strange, flirtatious friendship o...
  • patrickstump
  • andyhurly
  • falloutboy
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