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Growing Up - Pete Wentz Fanfic by xPollymuse
Growing Up - Pete Wentz Fanficby Sarah Smiles ♛
Part 1 of the "Growing Up"-Triology Charlotte Miller has never been known for being responsible or particularly mature. Meeting Pete on a night out at his club...
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Irresistible - Pete Wentz Fanfic (Part 2) by xPollymuse
Irresistible - Pete Wentz Fanfic ( Sarah Smiles ♛
Part 2 of the 'Growing Up'-Triology "Baby, seasons change but people don't..." (The Take Over The Breaks Over - Fall Out Boy, 2007) Pete and Charlie have been...
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Mixtape For The End of the World by epichorn31
Mixtape For The End of the Worldby epichorn31
Everyone has that one friend who thinks that they've seen an intergalactic cobra, right? It's the summer of 1986, and Pete Wentz, Gabe Saporta, and Brendon Urie just gra...
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Tidal waves. ❁ (slower updates ??? idk) by vicespilots
Tidal waves. ❁ (slower isabella. (hiatus)
sequel to Eet.
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Truth on the Airwaves | Frerard AU by stoplightglow
Truth on the Airwaves | Frerard AUby kelso
"Look, okay." Gerard rubbed the back of his hand over his mouth, trying to collect his thoughts into something coherent. "I know that music is illegal. I...
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Musicals In Love *DISCONTINUED* by jinkiseok
Musicals In Love *DISCONTINUED*by Ryry
*Trigger warning for suicide mentions* At Barrington High, there were two group of music kids who absolutely despised each other. One group was the bratty, snobby string...
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i don't know what to name this yet, but it's here//Gabilliam by Randomfangir
i don't know what to name this nat!!
✔️William is new to Jersey, living with the Siska's for the time being
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Eet. ♡   by vicespilots
Eet. ♡ by isabella. (hiatus)
brendon gives pete the wrong number. ( petekey, ryden, jalex & other ships )
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corrupted lungs | d.w #Wattys2016 by panicaythedisco
corrupted lungs | d.w #Wattys2016by lucas
When Gabrielle Joseph moves town and starts a new school, she doesn't expect to feel such a strange connection to the boy that everyone avoids. Dallon Weekes AU. © pani...
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The Good, the Bad and the Dirty by Stay_Frosty_Brendon
The Good, the Bad and the Dirtyby Grayson
{Based on the Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde by Robert Lewis Stevenson, and Jekyll which premiered on the BBC, written by Steven Moffat} Dr. Patrick Stump...
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Killjoys by Awstensarms
Killjoysby Awstensarms
Out in the zones, a group of people known as killjoys roam around. This is their story.
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Fast Times at Barrington High (Gabilliam) by BilvyThanMe
Fast Times at Barrington High ( Guy Ripley
William Beckett, the girlish-looking chick magnet 'loner', and his best friend Ryan Ross, the valedictorian of Barrington High's senior class, go to a party hosted by th...
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summertime boys // gabilliam by pixieboy
summertime boys // gabilliamby cora j (inactive)
swimming pools & sunsets on a bridge in new jersey
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The Phoenix by heylazeh
The Phoenixby Strawberry Wine Boys
Ships: Ryden, Gabilliam, Peterick (maybe), etc... ~•~•~ "Death and then revival. The living dead." ~•~•~ (It's basically an "A Little Less 16 Candles! AU...
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The Pirate's Treasure -Peterick- by Dezzywezzy19
The Pirate's Treasure -Peterick-by Destinee
Prince Patrick of Fenia's dark life begins to brighten after becoming betrothed to Princess Sarah of Sonia. The day of celebration just a beacon of better days to the ki...
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Bluebirds Fly - Ryden by IzzyMay1
Bluebirds Fly - Rydenby Nope
Title: Bluebirds Fly Author: silver_etoile Rating: NC-17 Pairing: Ryan/Brendon [Pete/Patrick, Alex/Ryland, Frank/Gerard, Tom/Keltie, Gabe/William, and a few surprises...
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Extra Credit (Peterick) » Book 1 by MyVersaillesAtNight
Extra Credit (Peterick) » Book 1by Hello Consumer
I failed my geography exam, but my professor gave me extra credit. (The credit is sex)
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we've got a big mess on our hands ( gabilliam ) by thecontestants
we've got a big mess on our my name's jamie
When William Beckett looked in the mirror this morning, the guy he saw just wasn't him. And he still wasn't sure how he got to the current point in time.
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Welcome to the new Deja vu by Gaytrick
Welcome to the new Deja vuby Still Gaytrick
Alpha dog part 2
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A collection of oneshots//gabilliam by Randomfangir
A collection of oneshots//gabilliamby nat!!
There is never enough Gabe/William
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