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Hug An Emo. They'll Love You For It (WA)

Hug An Emo. They'll Love You For It (WA)

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Rosalie (Yes, like the Twilight biatch) By Rosalie_69 Updated Dec 20, 2010

I lay there.. thinking. What if I didn't agree to go with Chris to that party? What if I never got drunk? 
I wouldn't have ever felt his warm lips on mine. His hands in my hair. His lips speaking words of comfort in my ears. 
I lied when I said I never wanted to have a boyfriend. I lied when I said I never wanted to love him.
Too many lies.. 
The question was.. what will happen in the end?
Will I lay here.. in fatal position, crying my heart out?
Or what?
I silently prayed to whatever was out there.. to never let anything happen to him.. never. Let him be. Let him stand next to me, our hands intertwined. 
Oh, how I longed to tell him just one final time that I loved him. 
One final time.. to feel his hands caressing my cheek.
But for now, all I can do is hope. 

      - Isis Fox, Hug An Emo. They'll Love You For it by Rosalie_oqbi.

lovingsunrise lovingsunrise Apr 30, 2016
Unicorn Dude I'm going to call my friend Eric that from now on
ParkSeunghyu96 ParkSeunghyu96 Jul 18, 2015
I remembered when a teenage guy walked up to me and told me, 'I wont let u go my baby unicorn' and I assume that he was drunk xD
camphalfbloodfan camphalfbloodfan Mar 14, 2015
If I ever saw a unicorn I would tackle it and jump on its back
- - Aug 23, 2014
.  . is it sad that i am just now starting to read this .  . i hope not . asdfghjkl.
Blackroseangel301 Blackroseangel301 Feb 06, 2014
I read this forever ago, when i first started watty, and now I'm reading it again, because its my FAVORITE book on here. Thanks so so much for writing it.
Music_Lover_08 Music_Lover_08 Sep 27, 2013
Holy Hell, look at the character list... Jeez, that's a lot of charecters...