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Stay The Night by trecoolhas1ball
Stay The Nightby Stevie Quinn
When Billie seems down Tre invites him for a night of movies and drinking. Things quickly escalate when Billie suggest they play chicken. A Trillie love story. Warning:...
Sinning like a saint // BJA by BilllieJoeMama
Sinning like a saint // BJAby Shittyb00ks
"You've been weird with me for days now!" I shouted, "Why? Billie what happened between us? You won't even look at me any more, do i mean nothing to you o...
What a tragedy // Billie Joe Armstrong by BilllieJoeMama
What a tragedy // Billie Joe Shittyb00ks
"I write best when I'm falling in love, or falling apart." He muttered to himself, his gaze was on the guitar he had gently settled into his lap as he traced o...
As My Memory Rests by RageandBrutalLove
As My Memory Restsby RageandBrutalLove
Cassandra King would never in a million years guess her father is an international rock star, much less the front man to her favorite band. When she is signed by Adeline...
Stuck With Green Day by JazzyAnn03
Stuck With Green Dayby Jasmine Ann
Meeting your role model should be great. Becoming Best friends with them should be even better right? But what Happens When Nikki is Stuck with none other Than Billie Jo...
Be Quiet by BilllieJoeMama
Be Quietby Shittyb00ks
When troubled student Mallory Valentine is caught by the eye of her new music teacher Mr Armstrong, her life becomes surprisingly and quickly messy. Taking on the challe...
It hurts to love you (Billie Joe Armstrong) by Music__Junkie
It hurts to love you (Billie Joe Billie_hoe
sky was your typical punk teenager. Ever since she met Billie Joe they have always been close and she considered him as her uncle that she never had. They were oddly clo...
Little Girl, Little Girl || T.C.//G.D. by coolliketre
Little Girl, Little Girl || mother of fanfics
Rylee Presley; adopted and a runaway. Tre Cool; well uh, he's Tre Cool. What happens when these two literally run into each other?
Yes, Sir || B.J.A. by coolliketre
Yes, Sir || mother of fanfics
17 year old Melina Garcia is nothing but trouble. And trouble is all that seems to follow her. When enrolled into a new school, she seems to develop a nemesis; her music...
Just Pretend by alltheidiots
Just Pretendby soph
What would you do if one of your best friends asked you to pretend to be in a relationship with them to their unwanted marriage? It's all just pretend anyway though... r...
Throwing Away my Past, Contemplating my Future by philndan
Throwing Away my Past, i wonder
Billie Joe Armstrong, the person who covers her bedroom walls, the person who inspired her to learn the guitar, the only person she ever looked up to. He made it easier...
     My Nuclear family         (Adopted By Green Day) by Fanfic_mania3535
My Nuclear family ( SUCKS TO YOUR ASS-MAR
AJ is a 8 year old girl, who's life was once filled with shame and unloving people but when a famous punk rock star from Green day adopts her, all of that changes
Savior//Trillie// by dirnt-bag
Savior//Trillie//by sincerely,
Billie has trouble out in the street but Frank saves him. His savior. Will this friendship evolve into something else?
Fear Evan Hansen by user1776_
Fear Evan Hansenby Infinitesimal
So this is going to start like the normal story, Connor kills himself, Jared and Evan make the fake emails. You know the story. But there's a twist. Alana finds out abou...
Good Riddance || Billie Joe Armstrong by StrangeWithTheStars
Good Riddance || Billie Joe ⚡️kc
Some pasts are meant to stay in the past. [June 3, 2016-August 18, 2016] **Editing Soon**
Plottin by UpgradeQueen
Plottinby UpgradeQueen
Clues in the name❤️ This book is funny as hell and I'm soo proud that I've received 100,000 views,5,000 votes and 2,000 comments in just over 3 months. (Featuring - Ma...
my kidnapper is my savior. /Billie Joe Armstrong/ DISCONTINUED by fandomfanatic08
my kidnapper is my savior. / fandomfanatic08
"tell that slut daughter of yours to go get us a carton of ciggies." that was the order from my step father, that changed my life forever.
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Claustrophobic Mind by shesarebel_
Claustrophobic Mindby Y'know
After years of drug abuse and stress from Green Day and life his life in general, Billie developed another personality in his mind. Only Billie Joe knows about him, and...
The Untelling of Love & Happiness by Italy2thaus
The Untelling of Love & Happinessby Italy J. Wonder
"Music is the soundtrack to your life." -Dick Clark "If your life sucks, make sure it at least has a great soundtrack." -Unknown Book 1: The Hurt...