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Black or White ✔ by blackxbelle
Black or White ✔by timmie
"You and I both know, that skin colour matters." She pointed out. "It doesn't matter to me, or to you. And it didn't matter to your parents." He argu...
Batman/Wonder Woman: The Light of Gotham | PART II by Wonder_Al
Batman/Wonder Woman: The Light Wonder Al
The dynamic duo finally revealed their true feelings [read: PART I]. Both Bruce Wayne and Diana Prince opened a new chapter together. Nevertheless, the closer they becam...
The Incubus Spring by 96GreenEyes
The Incubus Springby Green Eyes
Four Girls. Four Guys. Four Very Different Love Stories.
Meek and the Bold by FauxHoney
Meek and the Boldby FauxHoney
In a world where slavery is still progressing on, Daphne Hennessy becomes conflicted when her wretched father goes to an auction and buys a colored family. Daphne has be...
A December to Remember by Epistol
A December to Rememberby Epistol
Diana is hoping that Bruce will invite her to spend time with him during the holiday season. When a mysterious snowstorm occurs in Gotham, will Diana's wishes come true?
Shopping Spree by Epistol
Shopping Spreeby Epistol
When Wonder Woman notices one of her friends is feeling down, she decides to cheer them up in the most plausible way: with a shopping trip, of course!
ZeroDeaths/2 by lizziardLizzie
ZeroDeaths/2by 2DNE
This takes place in New York City. Camellia and Travion two complete strangers must cope with each other to survive to zombie apocalypse. Can they really survivor? W...
The Bat And The Amazon <On Hiatus> by _WonderBat_
The Bat And The Amazon by #WonderBat
A WonderBat fanfiction.... I don't think i should say something else The awesome cover is from @WonderWomanForEver
The Pride by lil_star_panda
The Prideby lil_star_panda
A twisted story about a pride of lions. You read and look at werewolf books all the time. Now you get to peek in and see what goes on in a pride of lions. Don't expect i...
Theo by tashapierce_
Theoby Tasha Pierce
Lola worked hard to support her ungrateful little sister and deadbeat dad. When her sister ran away with her older boyfriend Lola is forced to search of her and then she...
Wheel Of The People / BMWW by Kuts123
Wheel Of The People / BMWWby Atro Universe
The East african community finally agrees to join hands to become one as a nation. Presidents already served two terms and above in their respective states are denied pa...
Behind the Scenes (BWWM) by motorkay
Behind the Scenes (BWWM)by Kay
Elizabeth and Jake in 'What the heart wants' Presenting Kimberly: Kimberly Carter always gets what, and who she wants. Raised as the baby of the family, her selfish tend...
The girl with pink hair (BMWW) by queenbeerealqueen
The girl with pink hair (BMWW)by RiqueeMelaninQueen
The wired girl with pink herMost people don't believe that her pink hair is natural and all her's She is the loner The nerd The girl that doesn't want to be notice...
The Engagement (being re-written) by Minn66
The Engagement (being re-written)by I'm Just So Stupid Sometimes
(under editing) WONDERBAT IS BACK!!! Batman and Wonder Woman face their greatest challenge yet: taking their relationship to the next level. What will happen? *some cha...
Trying to Be Barbie by cryingcoffee
Trying to Be Barbieby CASS
Nothing is going right for Brooke, in fact, just about everything is going wrong. So, she decides to live life like her perfect sister, Barbie. The obvious solution to h...
Burning Love by TransG18
Burning Loveby Mackenzie Hatch
Caroline Burnette is the daughter of the Mayor of her small hometown. She works as her father's secretary and a part-time ballerina dance teacher. She lived a pretty nor...
Deadly Secretion by LimorPlaatjies
Deadly Secretionby missClaire
Nothing is covered up that will not be uncovered ,and nothing secret that will not become known.
Forbidden Love by unlikebinxx
Forbidden Loveby Jazz (she/her)
He loves her with all his soul even after months of no word from her, and suddenly she's back in his life and causing troubles. But no one knew what would have happened...
The First Date {Under Major Editing} by WonderWomanForEver
The First Date {Under Major Processing A Few G/M Fanfics...
Batman and Wonder Woman ,at last,have their first date.It occurs with the most strange way of all ENJOY IT Cover by: Jasric
A Thanksgiving Miracle (Coming Late 2017/2018) by BeCa2801
A Thanksgiving Miracle (Coming BeCa2801
Joan and Gage Spencer have been married for 8 years with a 7 years old daughter named Rena . With Gage's job as a private investigator always coming between them, their...