Star Cursed

Star Cursed

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C. Swarovski By CSW1995 Completed

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Royal Dark Gems are male magical beings, searching for their missing female counterparts known as Royal female Gems. After 1000 years of their absence on their home planet, Kiyr, Dark Gems finally locate the rare females residing on another planet; Earth. But are they the Gems they are searching for, or are they Star Cursed, reborn on another planet?

Sapphire is a focus point for the Dark Gems as they believe she is their missing princess. Sapphire is abducted along with a selected group of forty-nine other females from Earth. Enslaved for the Dark Gem's selfish desires, will they manage to escape? Will they manage to unravel the mystery to their unknown past?  

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  • action
  • discovery
  • dungeons
  • fantasy
  • featured
  • fighting
  • forest
  • gems
  • love
  • magic
  • masters
  • memory
  • mystery
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  • rebellion
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  • slaves
LUUCYYfer LUUCYYfer Aug 05, 2017
I have been reading your books ridiculously on radish. I had to come transfer myself over to wattpad, simply because I've been dying to comment !!!
                              You. Are. Amazing ! 😘😘😘😘
LogicTarantino LogicTarantino Apr 18, 2017
I started reading this on Radish but I like the format on Wattpad better, so here i am!
werecatXXxxXXpower werecatXXxxXXpower Apr 30, 2016
I just read the blurb and I'm pretty sure that this is a movie
pinkytanzi pinkytanzi May 19, 2016
Umm 10 person to comment and hundredth over all. Just wanted to say looks really cool and can't wait see whether she is actually the lost princess t
shukymimi shukymimi Apr 19, 2016
super !!! et je débute sur wattpad... des avis pour mon roman ? merciii
- - Jan 12, 2017
Ah, yes. Remember that invasion a couple days ago? That sucked.