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Game of the Vampires by alimaecat
Game of the Vampiresby alimaecat
"They are not the myths that you heard as a child. No, vampires are very real. They no longer choose to hide. Now, we are the slaves." Airlia Collins has been...
The Binding by witchoria
The Bindingby cellophane dion
The gods and demons of the ancient world were never myths but twisted from a very real past...and they are still living among us. When Kaja Landauer is violently killed...
"Rivals" by chupapibeggin
"Rivals"by <3
Hi readers! This is my second book on this. Description: In a world of kings, queens, Pirates, slaves, And barbarians. There's 3 families that can't stand one another th...
Captive ( a Fairy Tail [Natsu x Lucy] fanfiction ) [AU] *nalu* by BlazingScarlet
Captive ( a Fairy Tail [Natsu x jasmine ✿
Lucy Heartfilia had the perfect life, being the daughter of a rich man and growing up into a beauty. Little did she expect that her life would go tumbling down the drain...
Dục Vọng by kunkunsm
Dục Vọngby kunkunsm
- Trần Phi Dương 24 tuổi con trai thứ hai của chủ tịch tập đoàn Thiên An. Vừa du học Anh quốc trở về. Đẹp trai giàu có nhưng hơi biến thái. - Lưu Kỳ Linh 19 tuổi. Đăng q...
vinland saga (thorfinn x male reader) by its_zaru
vinland saga (thorfinn x male its_zaru
Soooooo..... Lets start with your a guy. So this wil hopefully follow the vinland saga plot for the most part. The love interest is thorfinn, hes around 16/17 in this s...
Blood Slaves (EDITING) by xSianxTaylorx
Blood Slaves (EDITING)by Sian
Danielle Smith is a vampire fanatic, but when she is pulled into their world she wishes she never ventured outside. Forced into a world of torture and enslavement can an...
Wolf - The two Packs  (BL) by sasi2708
Wolf - The two Packs (BL)by Sasi
The two werewolves Mads and Levi meet for the first time as children. Only a few years later do they meet again and feel attracted to each other. But their two packs don...
Equality Rule (A.U) by MarwaaMalik
Equality Rule (A.U)by Marwaa Malik
In a time when the dresses were big and the minds were small. Where the wallets were full and the hearts were dull. Where the color of your skin defines your place in li...
A Centaurs Fate by CierraElizabethLesca
A Centaurs Fateby AnimeWolfGirl
Deep within a magical forest is a land of mythical creatures known as centaurs,but one of the centaurs is not an ordinary one,in fact,he is the son of the Forest herd le...
I am the fated Villain by Mindou9
I am the fated Villainby Mindou
Associated Names Me! The Heavenly Destined Villain The Villain of Destiny 我!天命大反派 Language Chinese Author(s) Fated Villain 天命反派 Year 2020 Status in COO 1422 Chapters (O...
The Pseudo-Kunoichi From a Different World by ImaginarySora
The Pseudo-Kunoichi From a ~ Sora ~
The 21-year-old Kagura Shino plays the role of a ninja in the ninja village's Ninja Show. In her spare time she engrosses herself in Sengoku Online, a game based on the...
Im a slave to a hot vampire! by Samtastic146
Im a slave to a hot vampire!by Samtastic146
And if you already don't know my name is Emily Hanson, and I used to be the girl who would make the most sexual remarks but still know how to have fun or to be serious...
Love Slave by smileypanda
Love Slaveby J.G.G.A.
Jung Taekwoon (aka. VIXX's Leo) falls deeply in love with a manipulative, cold-hearted woman. Leo's heart is tugged at different ends: Will he choose to hold on to the t...
We're slaves to vampire princes by Nightcore_awesome
We're slaves to vampire princesby Nightcore_awesome
Violetts team is captured ( finally) and sold to a vampire king and given as a gift to the vampire princes who've been wanting slaves for a LONG time. They beat them, w...
It All Ends At Crossroads (A Ranger's Apprentice/Harry Potter Crossover) by RangerLizzyTreaty48
It All Ends At Crossroads (A RangerLizzyTreaty48
What will happen when Will and Harry switch places? Will Harry and Evanlyn be able to escape slavery? Can Will defeat the Dark Lord Voldemort? Join these two on their qu...
++discontinued++ Call Me Master *Jahvie* by DecayingDreams
++discontinued++ Call Me Master * If Only I Had The Strength
Jayy is a cruel slave owner, He has no remorse for the disobedient slaves of his. His even killed some. He decided to buy another one named David. After knowing about Da...
You Are Me (Far Cry 3) by MacKenzieParrott
You Are Me (Far Cry 3)by .savage.patch.kid.
Jason has heard voices in his head since he could remember, telling him a bunch of bad things. When Jason, Grant, and Oliver go to the undiscovered Rook island they get...
Love Betrayed by a Secret Slave-trader (complete) by carolynannaish
Love Betrayed by a Secret Carolyn Ann Aish
Short Story Contest: #FiveYearsSinceCollabContest Details: Wattrevenge: Someone you Loved PROMPT: It's been five years since your sister has gone missing. You finally...