Damn Miss Collins (Gxg)

Damn Miss Collins (Gxg)

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legendaryunicornJ By legendarynicornJ Updated Feb 20

An 18 year old troubled girl called Alex has recently moved to a new state as her mother recently got a new job. She was a trouble maker who doesn't like following rules and is always out to defying those in charge. Her mother recently got a new job and is away regularly leaving poor Alex alone with her thoughts making her feel lonely and afraid but will never show it to anyone. 

Until she meets the strict, intelligent, incredibly beautiful and intimidating Miss Collins. She's 26 and has been a teacher for nearly 5 years. She's strict in school and her private life, never wanting to be disobeyed. Could she possibly be the one to tame Alex or will they be destined to hate each other.

(this book now includes Mdlg)

Also, this book is my first book and the first chapters aren't all that great but my writing does improve. This book is regularly updated.