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_CasuallyMe By _CasuallyMe Updated Dec 09, 2017

She hated him, she genuinely hated him. He was cute, very attractive, but his attitude and mouth made him almost repulsive. He was an asshole to say the least, and she wanted nothing to do with him, which really said something about his character. 

She was gentle and sweet-- the whole school loved her, from a distance, but Preston could see past that. He lived next to the school's sweetheart, and the sounds he heard from her home weren't exactly as sweet as her. He wanted to know her. He wanted to know why she was so guarded. He wanted to know why she wouldn't allow anyone to see her for who she really was. And he was determined to see the unseen, no matter how he got there.

So what happens when, in the midst of a weather crisis, the two get trapped in a very small room, alone. Will Preston finally get the answers he's always wanted, or will Kayla continue to keep herself hidden?

  • bwwm
  • highschool
  • interracial
  • kayla
  • opposites
  • preston
  • relationships
  • secrets
  • sweetheart
  • teens
  • trust
  • unseen
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Ashykneesgirl Ashykneesgirl Jun 07, 2017
Come talk to a biesh when he got at least 90 days clean 😂 then I can believe him. You know what that's to long. Come talk to me at the end of the school day. 😂
poeticsoul7 poeticsoul7 Jul 31, 2017
School was part of the reason I was diagnosed with it ironically
PleaseDoNut PleaseDoNut Apr 14, 2017
Why would you wanna kiss God? I hope you know he doesn't swing that way bro
Ashykneesgirl Ashykneesgirl Jun 07, 2017
Smh 🤦🏾‍♂️ you're a nerd 🤓 who needs to break free from the judging eyes 👀 of the world 🌎
LovelyJesenii LovelyJesenii Apr 06, 2017
Diamond White. It's official that the person I'm imagining. I heard plump + lips and the rest is history
Ashykneesgirl Ashykneesgirl Jun 07, 2017
Kay I like you! 
                              (Dashie voice) Like my dude I can fûck with you.