Keeping Secrets (Book I)✔️

Keeping Secrets (Book I)✔️

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Autumn Summers By ASummers1 Completed

"I knew if I wanted a relationship, I should find someone else. But I didn't want anyone else and I still don't."

I managed to take his arm from around my waist without waking him up. Sighing with relief I was about to move closer to the edge of the bed but he grabbed me again, muttering something in his half asleep state. I tried to release his grip again but he woke up, grinning as soon as he seen me. His sleepy blue eyes looked at me.
"Where are you going?" his grin widened.
"I have to go." I whispered quietly, looking around the room. I really did have to go, I was supposed to be staying away from him wasn't I? The sun hadn't come up yet, it was still in the early hours of the morning.
"Don't go." He groaned, pulling me in closer and squeezed my waist. I could sense his smile as he kissed my forehead. I didn't know what to do, his arms were more than inviting and I really didn't need a lot of convincing but I was starting to get tired of this secret thing again. Sure, Eric and I got along great, I really enjoyed his company but was it really worth lying to everyone about?


What happens when wallflower Florence and jock Eric decide to keep what's between them a secret? Can Florence really not get herself too attached and keep herself from getting hurt? The two are keeping some secrets of their own too, will they ever be discovered? As time goes by, it becomes harder and harder to hide it all, will they eventually crack?

Bhocil231 Bhocil231 6 days ago
Kenapa ini bahasa inggris iyaa
                              Untuk bahasa indonesia gakk ada
shyanne899 shyanne899 Aug 24, 2016
When you lie always have a back up...but damn your dad is good
celeste_300 celeste_300 Aug 27, 2016
When your friends know you're lying or had lie to your parents or anyone else. . . YOU GO WITH IT AND AGREE
shyanne899 shyanne899 Aug 24, 2016
When you using a friend to lie make sure that friend backs you up no matter what...or else they ain't blood. Mg friends are blood because I don't even have to ask them
myca71797 myca71797 Sep 08, 2015
What a great start. I like it. Few edits but proofreading will definitely make it better. Great job :)
LiberalisVenere LiberalisVenere Jul 16, 2015
what a rebel she is, huehue. i like the book, can't wait to read more ;D