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Dude By CharmedWords Updated Feb 20

Tobias has been torn for two years. His heart aching from Tris. 
But when a baby is mysteriously put on his step one night, what is he to do? 
When he finds out that the baby, Raven, is his and Tris's. 
He tries to be the loving father he can be. 
But that is only half the story. 
Read the story to find out what happens in the other half.

BR_Falcon BR_Falcon 5 days ago
I hate the fact that: Everyone who was stupid enough to make friends with the woman I live with and her dead husband, thinks they're on the "Right" path, (clearly the wrong one,) but thinks I'm on the wrong one!!
DylanIsStiles DylanIsStiles Dec 26, 2016
Watch us be like erdmagurd it's tris and it's actually like a random person named like Amanda or something😂😂😂😂😂😂
dreamynovelistx dreamynovelistx May 01, 2016
Ohhhhhhhhhh I'm a bit slow, I didn't even recognise the resemblance
JorDanDunDun02 JorDanDunDun02 Oct 27, 2016
Wait what, didn't he die?? Omggggg if he is alive in this I will be buzzinggggg
ashleymonetlongo ashleymonetlongo May 26, 2016
What happen wrong you been 😝😝😝😱😱😱😱😱😵😵😵😵😵😤😤😤😤
MelMal121 MelMal121 Feb 21, 2016
Tobias gets me. I'm just over here on the wrong path and everyone around me is super successful at everything. The only thing that is working out for me is writing and writing is going to get me no where. No one is going to find my books to read them let alone want to buy them.