High School Slut

High School Slut

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blossompage By blossompage Updated Dec 12, 2016

I put my hand on his waist, his slid down to my butt. His lips interlocked with mine, and it felt so good... his hand was on my boob, mine on his chest. His abs were rock hard, and I trailed my fingers over them. We stumbled around like that for a few minutes and the next thing I knew I was on top of him on a sofa. We continued to kiss, I spread my legs over his body. I was so drunk at this point but his body felt like heaven under me. I whispered in his ear,
"Let's get wasted babe,"
He laughed and whispered back,
"You have the best ideas. " 


Lucy White is the hottest girl at Rushmore High and she knows it. Every boy longs to get with her, every girl wants to be her best friend. But popularity doesn't always bring loyalty, as Lucy soon finds out as she starts to lose the people closest her. As her friends turn to enemies will she ever realise her mistakes and turn her life around before it's too late?

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acacialdn acacialdn Apr 08
You know what it’s not even being big headed. You go girl! Confidence is the fuc king key
- - Nov 14, 2016
😂geez oh my, dis gurls mom😂😂 usually ur mom would b like: WEAR SOMETHING DIFFERENT THAT DOESNT SHOWW AS MUCH BOOB AND ASS, but her moms just like: ooolala
Tessie_Of_Southside Tessie_Of_Southside Sep 08, 2016
Hey,not every hot girl has blonde hair.I have brown hair!Duh!!!
angel4luv angel4luv Jun 06, 2016
SAME!!!! But I'm not blonde. Black belle right here💋💋💋💋💋
- - Nov 14, 2016
i would call her something worse than a slut, but she can't help it, i mean like, haller, perfect body and all!!!!! no wonder she's one! ah, no offense or anything but... and i don't exactly know another word that describes what she is