Divine (A Josh Devine Fanfic)

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Jordan By iniallerswifey Completed
Claire has been best friends with Niall since she was a kid. She's met so many people through him. Like a certain drummer that she just happens to have a crush on. But will she sacrifice her friendship with Niall to be with her true love?
Love this if only you could see my facial expression when she was pregnant lnl
I love this story!! I was hoping Josh would be the father! I literally screamed when I found out he was the father!!!! 
I really like your story! When I read about what happened in the future chapters, I felt bad for Claire. As the story progresses, it keeps getting better! Keep it up! :)
Well that was quick(x wish it worked like that all the time(;
damn gurrl you move fast. lol i wish i was her, i love joshie!!!!!!!!!!!@ClaireNeville lol my middle name is claire not as cool lol hey i've said lol like four times now!!