Orange Crush

Orange Crush

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Ricky Pine By RickyPine Updated Jul 15, 2019

***A sequel to Fright Fest 2016 Gold Winner RED RAIN and Camp NaNoWriMo 2017 Certified PEPPERMINT***

"Life is's about growth. It's about change. But you seem to just wanna stay the same!"
-Thor to Loki, "Thor: Ragnarok"

Red Rain was just the beginning. Blue Monday made everything worse. White Shadows started setting things right. The Black Mirror threw some wrenches in the works. Peppermint nearly broke time just to prove it could be done.

Alex Snow wishes he could save the demigod in which he was brought up to believe. Kelly Jackson wishes she could save Alex from his impulsive heroism. Josh Christopher may not need saving when he finds his ticket out of Purgatorio.

But there are far more tickets in than out.

In a world where serpents are both magic and money, and temptations lurk around every corner, these three will be put to the test by God's apathy and the impetuous, even contagious, rage of his eldest son Samael - the original Lucifer himself.

(Sixth in the RED RAIN series. Cover designed by @Whisperingwater.)