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Every Lifetime I Fall in Love with The Wrong Person by LadyJWrites
Every Lifetime I Fall in Love with...by LadyJWrites
Every lifetime, Li Rong Xin reincarnates and dies a virgin maid failing to enter a marriage. It is all the fault of Yang Zi Huo! The first lifetime: she was left at the...
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Simply Purgatory (BOOK 1&2) by AlaskaJohnson99
Simply Purgatory (BOOK 1&2)by Alaska Johnson
Looks can be deceiving. Can't they? Everyone has secrets. Some good. Some bad. Some people have secrets that they will share with others. Some people have secrets that...
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Beautifully Broken (Wayhaught) by LemonTown44
Beautifully Broken (Wayhaught)by Bëanz
It's been three years and Waverly Earp is still missing. FBI, police, and her older sister Wynonna spent everyday looking for her, but no luck. Nicole Haught, the new p...
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(WATTYS2019) The Righteous Man's Daughter {Dean Winchester's Daughter} by ThenSheWrote16
(WATTYS2019) The Righteous Man's D...by Katelynn
Currently re-writing. Very cringe-y version. Entered into The Watty Awards 2019 Dean was always on the road, never staying in one place for long. He was a burgers, beers...
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Lightweight ° SAM WINCHESTER by smolderholders
Lightweight ° SAM WINCHESTERby all the stupid™
❝i'm a lightweight, easy to fall, easy to break. with every move my whole world shakes. keep me from falling apart.❞ [sam winchester x callahan reyes] [supernatural; pre...
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Purgatory (Sweetest Sin series #2) by tracegirl24
Purgatory (Sweetest Sin series #2)by Tracy Raymond
Amy is more certain than ever of her feelings and future with Javier until his past with the Ramirez Crime Family catches up with him and a witness steps forward in the...
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「 날개 」 wings by YEONJUNLARITY
「 날개 」 wingsby jamless jai
In which yoongi dies at 26, and goes into purgatory, where he is forced to choose if he wants to go to heaven, where god and yoongi's guardian angel, jimin is, or whethe...
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When The Time Comes by saraagins
When The Time Comesby Sara Agins
When Samantha Hayes wakes up in an unfamiliar place, it makes her feel very uneasy. Samantha learns she is in a place called The Middle. where people go when they are i...
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Elaine: Halo ( 2016 Halloween Special) by ChRiXeNjO
Elaine: Halo ( 2016 Halloween Spec...by NeaxiJCO
Ban is in a rough patch but even bad boys need an angel in their lives. Smokes are here but there are no mirrors. Not everything is what it seems to be. This Halloween...
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Red String - ABO Au - Destiel and Michifer by Golden-Moose
Red String - ABO Au - Destiel and...by Golden-Moose
The Alpha Crown Prince Michael of Heaven is due to be married to the oldest of the Winchesters, the younger, Omega Prince Dean of Earth. King John and Chuck are delighte...
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The Only One (George Weasley Love Story) by WeasleBeeE
The Only One (George Weasley Love...by WeasleBeeE
George Weasley and his twin Fred seem to have found themselves not where they expected, while running for their lives and trying to apparate to safety they wind up in a...
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Beautiful Disaster                                •Roman Godfrey• by DanielleHenstock
Beautiful Disaster...by DanielleHenstock
Seventeen year old Emilia Verdant has spent most of her life behind four white walls of a hospital room, being diagnosed with an illness that is slowly killing her front...
Smiling At Me From Your Front Porch by eternalheda
Smiling At Me From Your Front Porchby eternalheda
Waverly's finally in university with her sister, and she couldn't be more excited. She'll finally get to live away from home and understand all of Wynonna and her friend...
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Salvatoria -ONC 2019 Ambassadors' Pick - Grand Finale Winner Black Cat Awards by Nyhterides
Salvatoria -ONC 2019 Ambassadors'...by Christine Bottas
Four people hiding vile secrets spend a week in an old house in search of ghosts. With the aid of an experimental drug, they find an entity more sinister than phantoms h...
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The Witch (S. & D. Winchester) by Lone-wolf-fanfics
The Witch (S. & D. Winchester)by Lone-wolf-fanfics
When Castiel breaks the wall in Sam's mind, when all Hell comes tumbling loose, Bobby Singer turns to a woman he believes can help. Kai Hargreeves, Number Four, The Witc...
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Abomination by CaitlinTheSurvivor
Abominationby Caitlin Alex Smith
Caitlin is the abomination. Lucifer's abomination. She was created right after the creation of demons. Lucifer wanted a weapon. So he created one. He took a human with t...
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the seven deadly sins. by -honeeybee
the seven deadly sins.by —無能 .
❝the bird struggles out of the egg. the egg is the world. he who would be born must first destroy a world. the bird flies to god. that god's name is Abraxas.❞ --- bts se...
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To Fall To Hell by AutumnalStories
To Fall To Hellby AutumnalStories
The Devil's Slaves. Lucifer's Posessions. Predatuers were a race bound to Lucifer him self. Their role - to banish Demons and the Lost Souls back to Hell. Ember is a Pre...
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Purgatory (Part One of the Purgatory Series) by Katrina_Crane
Purgatory (Part One of the Purgato...by Katrina
Alethea has always been awkward - eccentric, even. On a typical day she spends her time cloistered inside a tiny apartment hiding from the world she doesn't really under...
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Dealing with Death by klaroline-4ever
Dealing with Deathby klaroline-4ever
Caroline Forbes died, and now that the Other Side collapsed, she's going to someplace else, a place like the Prison World but there only exists Mystic Falls and everybod...
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