Demon: Book 1

Demon: Book 1

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-Demon Series: Book 1-

Aden Perri has problems.
	The last day of school his girlfriend calls it quits.
	And proceeds to move on a little too quickly.
	His friends disappear, leaving him to spend the summer alone.
	His mother buys a dog. 
	Aden hates dogs. The scar on his leg confirms it. 
	And his new job titles are garbage collector and toilet scrubber.
	At least he'll be out in nature, excepted he hates the outdoors.

Aden's ready to barricade himself in his room, until school starts back up in the fall. His mother won't allow it, and his father is ready to do some character building. 
	They drag him out and drive him to Beaver Lake. His father loads him with a bucket and a mop and sends him off to clean campground toilets. The local campers just laugh as the poor garbage boy wandered around picking up after them.
	All but one. One very strange, shirtless, barefoot boy who Aden will never understand. But the boy makes it bearable, so he'll let him stick around. It's not like Titus is really going to give Aden a choice anyways.

CubicCS CubicCS Jul 15
She seems pretty cool and all, but they literally broke up only a couple hours before... It wasn't even a brake up where they both agreed to end it at the same time
I kinda like guys that are Virgin it makes our first time more special if we were both virgin
Does anyone else get a vision of someone having a t teaser and then stabbing their, now, ex then say 'Can you feel the spark again?'
                              I'm sorry I'll sit in a corner
EnvyInBlue EnvyInBlue 5 days ago
My tests are right off the hw, so ive got it made as long as I do the homework.
Katy, really? Are you just stupid? Seriously. And Chris I swear, what the      is wrong with you??
It doesn't matter pal. You can be and do whatever and whenever you are ready or want.