Save Me, My Demon Prince (manxman)

Save Me, My Demon Prince (manxman)

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T. Gray By notbackingdown Completed

Ascari, the fallen guardian angel is broken. 





"Kill me." The voices whisper seductively night after night. But he doesn't give in. For some reason he's holding on. Pushing the voices away. 

Sold into slavery but rescued by a demon prince. 
"I can be what you need."
"I'm not what you want." He says.


He always have me confused.

One decision. But I'm not strong anymore. He could decimate me. With his hot gaze and soft voice. Yes he could save me. He is saving me. 


Whrath, son of Lucifer. 

The loner. 

"Quiet. Quiet and deadly." They say.
One rescue mission. 

One fallen angel. 

An angel he wants but can't have. A man who could destroy him with one smile. 

'Save me.' His eyes scream. 

"Fuck off." his mouth says. 

A deal. We're not friends. We're not lovers. We're just helping each other out. 

Yea keep telling yourself that. I'm already so deep. 

Am I brave enough to venture in. 

Is he strong enough to let me in.

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hybridGirle hybridGirle Feb 12
I just Stalked all your stories to find this One. Glad you made One.
yasholovescats yasholovescats Apr 15, 2016
So is it bad I pronounce wrath's name like in the fullmetal alchemist sub? So in Japanese
KaySetonks KaySetonks Feb 14, 2016
So it is alexois  brother whrath!  that has finallymsaved ascari after he has spentntwo years being physically and mentally raped and  abused!  I lov hm aleady!
Alpha_Solus Alpha_Solus Jul 10, 2016
I almost forgot who Ascari is but coz of Caleb I remembered that he was Caleb's guardian angel😇😇
KaySetonks KaySetonks Feb 14, 2016
Oh yes the one who helped alexios find where caleb was being tortured, but in so doing lost his place!  Please help him someone!
Master_eve Master_eve Oct 04, 2015
OMGGG baeeeee aw he fell damnnnn that sucksssss why well atleast he'll get a bae