Addicted to His Love

Addicted to His Love

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"Who's been holding your hand through all your shit? Me! Who's been taking bullets in the chest for you? Me! Who's been here for you for 10 years? Me, " yelled Shanie with tears streaking down her cheeks.                                                                   


Shanie is a young business woman with a degree, and behind her is her boyfriend of nine plus years. She was a good girlfriend but with her career things were quickly changing with the couple. They  had knew each other all of their life, but as they go through different routes in life Devin took advantage. Devin knew he had the finest girl around his arm and took it too his great advantage. He was stuck on stupid while Shanie was stuck on him, but what he didn't realize was things could change and the old Shanie would in due time change. Can they stand the test?

Devin Knight was and is the man in the streets. He was the complete opposite of a degree and relied heavily on the street but as things start to get old and change between him and his girlfriend, of a couple of years, things quickly become a thing of the past. And things must change yet Devin was stubborn and Shanie was the same. Would they be able to stand the test?

Gold was a beautiful, yet hood mother with a two year old child that she shared with her boyfriend Tunchi Smith. Being in their early twenties, and coming from the same backgrounds, they often depended on one another. Gold often feeling like Tunchi swept her off his feet. She loved him and he loved her. But will one mistake, ruin their relationship. Will being too young stand in the mist of their relationship? Or will they stand the test?

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IssaAmari IssaAmari Jun 25, 2016
I thought I had feelings with someone because, they commented under my picture on Instagram '😍😘💕' but, it was just because I commented under his picture a TBH. 😂😑
SpeakingOfLove SpeakingOfLove Jul 28, 2015
That dedication makes me feel better, I feel like this book was made for me