Polar Opposites

Polar Opposites

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Kristy is the kind of girl who plays it safe. She's borderline anti-social and she would rather spend her Friday night's cooped up in her room. Instead of going out to all the partys her best friend is always attending.

Kristy's best friend is Finn. He's confident, charming and accomplished. He's social and funny and Kristy's completely in love with him.

Finn is the exact opposite of his twin Austin, who's cocky, a bit of a loner, and was never bothered by what people thought of him. Austin and Kristy are a lot like enemies. He returns from military school to finish off his senior year at home.

Now that Austin's back everything seems to be changing, Kristy might actually have a chance with Finn, Austin and Finn are attached at the hip again, and Austin seems to know all about Kristy's secret crush on Finn. Kristy finally seems to have everything she's ever wanted and now she has to decide if Finn is really who she thought he was or if maybe there was someone else who had always been

BlueFoodFandom BlueFoodFandom Jun 27, 2016
- - Jun 06, 2015
I forgot what I read before so I started over. I do remember some parts like how he gets back with his girlfriend in the next chapter and such. I really like it though!! keep writing I didn't see any grammatical errors as well ;)
Accidental_Genius Accidental_Genius May 30, 2015
Cute chapter... And ahh what a beautiful kiss.... *_*... The characters are really awesome and I can understand why are they the 'polar opposites'. And opposites attract right? ;)
NickBateman NickBateman May 23, 2015
I'm guessing Austin was pretending to be Finn? Or he got glasses also, so she couldn't recognise him?
thefoodthief thefoodthief Apr 26, 2015
Did they really kiss? And it's a bit odd to just leave her like that when she did tell him she also felt the same way. I didn't expect the first chapter to begin this way. I didn't find any errors in this chapter, and reading in Kristy's point of view is quite amusing. Keep writing!
WanderingDreamers WanderingDreamers Apr 20, 2015
Aw Finn is adorable, can l keep him? Though l don't get why he just left after kissing her and proclaiming his love. I get his brother is coming but l would have been pissed tbh :)