When Love Walked In

When Love Walked In

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Amani By MyJewel12 Completed

Imagine having to go through something so horrifying that no one thought you could ever be the same. Then someone comes along to prove them wrong. 

For Amber, having Damien Beliena walk into her life was something she never thought could happen. But she never imagined having her first love happen so fast either. 

An emotionally revved up roller coaster ride that is filled with love, betrayal, acceptance, friendship and anything else in this not so ordinary teenage girl's life that could go in any direction as she discovers that not one thing alone can define you nor should you let it.

  Just a little shoutout out to @consciousdreamer1 for the gorgeous cover. I love youuuuuu. Go check out her books they are awesome! (Not to mention her covers )
  "I'm sorry I was born. I'm sorry that you have to love someone like me."
  "Don't say that," he said. "You shouldn't be sorry for any of those things because you're not a monster. You're not worthless. You're so much more." 
  "If you say you're sorry, you're apologizing for yourself being brought into this world. I would get down on my knees and say thank you. Thank you for bringing Amber into my life. I love you, and that's something I will never apologize for."

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FatmaAdel791 FatmaAdel791 Nov 13, 2017
I am arabic and I was so happy to read the part where he talks in arabic in actual arabic not english.. Thank you so much for acknowledging it ❤️
Glaciergirl2 Glaciergirl2 Oct 02, 2016
I love this set up- girl who feels invisible in some ways, intriguing boy at school, something horrible in past, and sophistication of home life and good parents! Beautiful writing, and very unlike your typical YA story :)
seoyeonhoes seoyeonhoes Feb 04, 2017
My middle name is Lee and my sister lives in Japan for the Navy 😂
creator1dx creator1dx Oct 04, 2016
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Abby_Hope Abby_Hope Jul 06, 2014
You started the chapter with too many I's but it wasn't a bad chapter
Ysa_Arcangel Ysa_Arcangel Jan 07, 2014
Glad that's her parent value her more than anything. Oh, what about that past? Glad you reveal something to us as the story goes along. The word 'papa' seems overuse, you may consider other pronouns dear.