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Faith By Levina101 Updated Oct 15, 2010

Hola. I was at writers block with Queendom so i started this to keep my creative genes flowing. lol If you even understand what i'm talking about. :D Well hope you like. <3 O.o


 Chapter 1 (i usually write more than this but its just the beginning i want to see who will read it)

Loathing Love...

BAM!! BAM!! BAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Okay, you might be wondering who the heck would wake someone up like that. Well, the answer is my older brother, Chase would. He is such an idiot sometimes. I hate the fact that he's older than me, even though its only by a year, because he holds it over my head all the time.

"I'm up! I'm up, for goodness sakes don't get your boxers in a bunch Chase!" I growled. 

"Oh shut up Mel! Just hurry up, I don't want to be late for school."

I rolled my eyes, "Whatever Chase." 

Now, let me fill you in a bit on my life. My full name is Melissa...

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Levina101 Levina101 Jan 18, 2011
@InfiniteChaos I know right? :O Hehe I hadn't been on for so long when I saw it I was like...Where did this come from? xD But then I was like oooohh....and it truly is amazing..so yeah thanks...again...   >:)
Musicbreatheslife Musicbreatheslife Aug 11, 2010
Lol!!! I like her personality!! Can't wait  to find out if she kicks some ass!! =P good job!! Btw I Came to know about your story from the cliche critics review and the wattpad blog. Keep up the great work!! :)
Levina101 Levina101 Jul 22, 2010
@ThisChic Yeah that is probably one of my main problems. I find it hard to remember what tense i used before and am supposed to be continuing using. :) I'll  try to fix it when I can :)
Levina101 Levina101 Jul 21, 2010
@ThisChic thanks! Although i would like to know where the tense issues were? :)
SyerraJaneXoXoX SyerraJaneXoXoX May 09, 2010
Its really good so far! Keep uploading:D
                              There were just a couple small grammer mistakes but other than that its great!
emo_lover16 emo_lover16 May 08, 2010
and then what happened????????? ughhhhhhhhh i need to know!!! upload soon or i will be forced to go all crazy stalker on you.
                              please and thankyou :D