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Meeting Mr. Whitaker by JacqTheWriter
Meeting Mr. Whitakerby Jacqueline
Is it possible to fall in love with the wrong person? According to Hazel Barrett, yes, it absolutely is. Especially if that person happens to be your teacher.
Mistaken For A Guy by Porshford
Mistaken For A Guyby Porsh Ford
Having to bear a name that resembles that of a guy when in actual fact you're not one has its own effects. Sam Lewis had to go through that and she ended up getting...
Seeking A Family ✔ by strong_and_free1
Seeking A Family ✔by strong_and_free1
Alright young man?' He said to the kid without looking down at him. 'Everything would be if you hadn't told him in the first place!' The boy shouted at his face. It...
Life is never fair by N_r_v_n
Life is never fairby N_r_v_n
Life has never been fair; it still isn't, and it will never be fair. How unfair of life for being like this. I often ponder upon the thought that if the unfairness of li...
The curse of Zeus by 216193t
The curse of Zeusby Funny serial killer
Percy Jackson has always been able to get out of his problems but what happens when he finds himself in the years 1772
Dear Love by JasminAMiller
Dear Loveby JasminAMiller
What if you could write a letter to, love, death or time? What would you say? I wrote my letter to love. It turned out a bit different than I thought it would, so I hope...
Dancing In The Thunder by ThatOneCandor
Dancing In The Thunderby -- 𝙈𝙊 ☆ !
"You're going to help me?" "Yup. Now start cleaning." In a world where redheads are seen as "rebels" and "no good" and sent to co...
Charming by noggyisnuggy
Charmingby noggyisnuggy
One shots of growing up with the Charmings
An Unfair Night (UNFAIRNESS X Reader) by requiemfrfr
An Unfair Night (UNFAIRNESS X Read...by requiem.
A Dave and Bambi story, based around the reader and Unfairness doing some "questionable" acts, read more to find out the story!
Programmed to Eliminate by KumaWrites22
Programmed to Eliminateby KumaWrites22
In this story it revolves around a cybernetic soldier named DOTE2606, who started to experience a desire of human biology. While he was doing his job, he started having...
Chasing Boys  by romancesnovels
Chasing Boys by :)
"Jack" I ask my soon-to-be ex boyfriend, "We need to talk" He got up from the chair and stood up, "What's wrong cupcake?" I winced, "N...
Kai and a school of crazies by JordyKaii
Kai and a school of craziesby
Kai, an easy going person by choice, fails his exams and is exiled to Tsuraimen High, a highschool in the middle of nowhere, originally his only goals were to graduate...
My Rants by WillJE
My Rantsby WJE AND MLR
Well, as the title states, it is my rants. There may be a lot of them, maybe not, just depends.
Enter My Wonderland by MsNoCategory
Enter My Wonderlandby MsNoCategory
(Every one of these poems has a story behind them, whether if their from my life, or just a story) These poem's that you may or may not read, have no theme. Some hold my...
Death of a stranger by RightyWrite
Death of a strangerby Righty Write
The title says it all. You can miss a stranger or someone you've know for minutes. There's a connection that was meant to become stronger, but what if that person was ri...
a book full of my useless opinions  by ItzJulietxx
a book full of my useless opinions by Juliet
I'm just a stupid little brat that has dumb useless opinions and my opinions don't matter because I'm a woman, I'm not attractive, I'm a minor/child that means my opinio...
Never Again by Kiwi0226
Never Againby Steph
You're Best Friend. She's the one you trust with everything, from your deepest secrets, to your random life. You guys laugh together, you cry together, you flirt with th...
I'm Human Too... by Roseaquinny
I'm Human Too...by "Rose A Quinny"
This is a book based off a book!! I will be copying almost none of the words but switching the names, etc. SORRY IN ADVANCE TO IRINE, NIDHI, AND ANNIKA. YOU WILL SEE WH...