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Chris Evans Imagines by StrongerThanIWas
Chris Evans Imaginesby inactive
Imagines for the amazing Chris Evans as well as any of his characters in his movies. Requests are open.
Archangel by Cerberous10
Archangelby J̷͙͓̝͉̺̫̯̘̇̌͑͂̑ǎ̢͚̦̩̤̆̓͂͂̇̑ͅ...
Nyx Richards is Reed Richard's little sister, they've never really seen eye to eye on anything. Reed loves science and Nyx just likes to kick back and relax. But when sh...
Awakening - (Last in the trilogy of my Steve Rogers Romance) by MrsE_TheDreamQueen
Awakening - (Last in the trilogy MrsE_TheDreamQueen
This book is the last in the trilogy of my Steve Rogers/Captain America Love story, Read them in this order: 1- Aftermath 2-Fallout 3-Awakening This book looks at April...
Fallen Angel by Cerberous10
Fallen Angelby J̷͙͓̝͉̺̫̯̘̇̌͑͂̑ǎ̢͚̦̩̤̆̓͂͂̇̑ͅ...
Sequel to Archangel. The Fantastic Four have managed to defeat Victor Von Doom and are now waiting for Reed and Sue's wedding but when Silver Surfer shows up as a herald...
A Crimson Sky (Rwby X Bloodborne) by K_L_O_U_D_S
A Crimson Sky (Rwby X Bloodborne)by K_L_O_U_D_S
Fear Thé Old Blood When Young Kato fails to slay the Moon Presence, it takes hostage of the doll and sends Kato into the future... He will soon discover however, that he...
In Your Dreams ☼ Johnny Storm / Chris Evans by -patronus-
In Your Dreams ☼ Johnny Storm / -patronus-
"I'm going to take a shower, wanna join?" "In your dreams, Flame Brain." In which Johnny Storm meets Charlotte Mann on a trip to space that goes terr...
An Unofficial** <Løve? by PuppetKween
An Unofficial** <Løve?by ♡Joker ßaby♡
~~2016 Story ~~ (Orphaned) There are eight main Puppets. Six of which are in a pretty serious relationship. What of the other two...? These guys are straight, aren't th...
Helvitas - Helene and Avitas (An Ember in the Ashes Fanfiction) by booknerdshady126
Helvitas - Helene and Avitas (An thehoodedicequeen
Alternative endings to Harper's death scene in A Sky Beyond the Storm.
Weapon Or Game (Book1) The Comeback by JanaTale
Weapon Or Game (Book1) The Comebackby ᴊᴀɴᴀᴛᴀʟᴇ
What happens when you step into the soccer world again, after a terrible event? Jane Wolf is a student at Royal Academy, and was never like the other girls at her school...
Dare you to (BanGaze/BurnZelle) by ficdom
Dare you to (BanGaze/BurnZelle)by Lady Fic
Gazelle and Burn have never been able to stop teasing and pranking on each other. None of them has managed to bring the other down -this is, until they make it official:...
Brave New Enderman by writer_jennylee
Brave New Endermanby Jenny Lee
Brave New Enderman is a story from the game Minecraft Story Mode Season 2 Episode 4. In the game you only get to hear "Once upon a time, there was a little Enderman...
The greenhaired alien - Inazuma Eleven by IonaBrann
The greenhaired alien - Inazuma Iona Brann
'Janus was not amused when the ball fell on his head.' 'So basically you decided to get into an argument with a criminal.' 'I really felt like I made a good decision, I...
Killer Slasher High School  by CloversFieldOfFire
Killer Slasher High School by Clover's Field Of Fire
Inspired by casstayinmyass' series of stories. This is the continuation of my story with Puppet Master. The puppets and their mistress and master are dealing with high...
When by behrensravitzky14
Whenby behrensravitzky14
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School by flatman1938
Schoolby flatman1938
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Rainbow by amyloplast1973
Rainbowby amyloplast1973
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Telescope by doubler1984
Telescopeby doubler1984
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Microscope by orinasality1920
Microscopeby orinasality1920
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Ice by cerebroganglion1956
Iceby cerebroganglion1956
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