The Bad Boy's Game ✔ (Slowly Editing)

The Bad Boy's Game ✔ (Slowly Editing)

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Jane By ForgotTheEggs Updated Sep 01, 2019

Layla Harrison. 

Ask anyone in her hometown about her and you'll get a cluster fuck of answers, all of which are cliche. 

Because that's who she was. 

The girl with the glasses. 

The girl who wanted to be apart of the 'it' crowd. 

The girl who rarely partied. 

And the girl who has head over heels for the boy next door. 

But who she was and who she now is are two completely different people. But suddenly her two worlds collide when she receives some devastating news. 

Leaving her stunning college life behind, Layla travels back home to help her dad with the divorce of her mother. While she's there, she decides to tie up some loose ends, clearing up some things from her pass. 

Instead she ends up in the lap of a devilishly handsome guy who's determined to rock her world. 

But who will win the bad boy's game?

Started: October 2018
Completed: January 2019