Shards of darkness (watty awards 2012)

Shards of darkness (watty awards 2012)

2.4K Reads 113 Votes 18 Part Story
Lara Louise Selden By 09seldenl Completed

A terrible war is raging, the conclusion of which could decipher the future of the universe... 

Three planets. Parallel yet all intricately bound by the threads of reality. They have spun for all of time, in separate orbits in different galaxies. Un beknown to one another…. Until now. The Fabrics of the universe are fraying as the different dimensions rub together. Where they touch, catastrophes are unveiled in a series of events that change the concept of reality forever... 
Earth is afflicted. What’s not dead is dying. Lost to pollution from a thousand years of greed. For Ana, a young beggar woman, her life is always only a stones throw away from ending. She has a powerful gift of mind sight but will it be enough to slow the pursuit of murder, and starvation? And all the time, her mysterious past shadows her footsteps. Waiting to catch her…
Meanwhile Doran, a being bound to the rotting carcase of a dead girl finds herself rescued by the very people who strove to destroy her. With them she finds sanctuary but it is only a matter of time before destiny catches up with her...
And all the while he is watching he is waiting and he laughs. Laughs on. He will destroy the universe all the while believing he is its savoir. This is a war none will win but fight they must, until reality is no more… 

(Before long, Ana is snatched from her own planet to be plunged into a world frozen in time, where pirates steal from all the universe, prehistoric monsters dwell in freezing oceans and a powerful psychic  force binds her to a cave to languish in fear.

The world has become stronger, harder, callous. Misery lingers in every corner but soon it will have nowhere to hide. Every thing shall burn. And he will laugh…)

  • animals
  • army
  • body
  • conflict
  • conscience
  • darkness
  • death
  • earth
  • evil
  • fantasy
  • fear
  • fighting
  • future
  • global
  • good
  • horror
  • london
  • magic
  • memories
  • mind
  • monster
  • new
  • pity
  • portal
  • rage
  • reflection
  • rot
  • stars
  • strange
  • talking
  • tension
  • time
  • war
  • warming
  • wrong
devilstrapgonnagetya devilstrapgonnagetya Mar 11, 2014
Holy crap I just read the description and holy crap this person is a good author they hooked me in write away!! 
oh_alexrosa oh_alexrosa Dec 19, 2012
this genre is normally not my thing but I like the words you use. its kind of entrancing. Looking forward to reading more!
oh_alexrosa oh_alexrosa Dec 19, 2012
love the build with this and it was fantastically written!! super intriguing.
Umbereye Umbereye Oct 12, 2012
Nice to see the intro for Vansannon. Have you used it for anything else, perchance?
09seldenl 09seldenl Jun 27, 2012
If you see the word vanufechquegelug cropping up at all, it is a typo. It is where I have forgotton to change it to Vansanon
jewel1307 jewel1307 Jun 26, 2012
Your intro is very well written and the story sounds intriguing.