Life Of Mischief

Life Of Mischief

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Astra Winters By Silverwolf2711 Updated Sep 08

"I mean, having the Norse God of Mischief as your godfather would be pretty cool, but only if he existed."

If asked, Warina Summers would define her life as "shitty". She isn't far from wrong. That's how any orphan with no relatives concerned for her well being, who's bullied in school and who has a huge, hopeless crush on the school heartthrob would define her life. To top it off, her parents had named the infamous (but obviously imaginary) Norse God of Mischief, Loki, as her godfather, inspired by their favorite comics. Unfortunately, there's only so far sarcasm and fandom references will take you.

But what if this God exists? And what if he decided to take the result of the casual banter between a couple seriously? And how is Rina going to handle it when the said God shows up, in an attempt to make her life better?

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