Lie to Me: A Mermaid Tail

Lie to Me: A Mermaid Tail

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Kelsey Tice By shadowhuntrs Completed

The whole slow walk home, I couldn’t get the image of him leaning in for the kiss out of my head. It reappeared every time I closed my eyes. Nate had learned my biggest secret. And I knew I wasn’t going to earn it back.

Meet Ashlyn Montgomery, a normal teen girl. Well, sorta. See, she's kinda a mermaid. And when she meets Nate, her entire world flips upside down. And then Aidan comes along. She's trapped in a love triangle, and the only stable thing in her life is her bestie Paisley, who doesn't even know her secret! What is a fish to do?

Reader beware, this isn't your normal love triangle. Follow a fish as she battles tough decisions and other challenges in Lie to Me: A Mermaid Tale.

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Bella_Higgin Bella_Higgin Mar 28, 2014
It reminds me a lot of the Mako Mermaids show but I'm interested to see where you take it :)
dragneelobsessed dragneelobsessed Jun 19, 2013
I enjoy the story so far but it kind of seems like you're going through it pretty fast and It's kind of choppy xp maybe if you add more description and whatnot it'll make it smoother ;o the story and the idea is really good though and I'm interested in reading more :D
just_a_brunette just_a_brunette Apr 26, 2013
This is so intriguing and I think I'm in love already! I've always wanted to be a mermaid,but felt like it would be to much work to not be able to control the shift LOL
JeanYoung26 JeanYoung26 Jan 26, 2013
Omigosh this is literally now, my new favourite story in wattpad! Mermaids!!!  Who wouldn't love mermaids lie, come on? Ahh!! It's ooo thrilling XD okay, I'm chill now...
shadowhuntrs shadowhuntrs Aug 27, 2012
@Asdfghjklsaab aww, thanks!!! it means a lot. and i hope the story gets better as it goes on... :D i try!!! thank you (and everyone else) for your support!!!
                              kat <3 ;*
izzypeazy izzypeazy Aug 27, 2012
                              I just love the plot. :)
                              It's eye-catching and interesting, very. 
                              Voted. <3