The Lover; Septiplier

The Lover; Septiplier

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Rinny♥︎ By FandomsDoneRight Updated Mar 07, 2018

[Sequel to The Flirt]

Times changed, and I guess it was suspected that I would change too. Unfortunately, there are some things you just cannot unsee, cannot undo, and you relive these moments in your head time and time again. 

But when you do that, you test your luck. If you do it, you're going to drown, most likely. So it all depends on the fact that you're given a life preserver, or you can swim well enough to keep yourself afloat and avoid drowning in your woes. 


All characters depicted in this book are in of themselves, fiction. Even if they portray similarities to real life people, the relationships and characters themselves are of my own design.

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