Dweeb; Septiplier by FandomsDoneRight
Dweeb; Septiplierby Rinny♥︎
I was sure that it couldn't be that bad having to share a room with someone. I didn't expect anything less, this was college after all and having a dorm room was an expe...
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  • sean
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Babyplier  by MeggyBlues
Babyplier by ᗰEGGYᗷᒪᑌEᔕ
Markiplier woke up one morning and felt strange. "Maybe it was that Mexican food from last night?" He thought. But the problem was much bigger than that.
  • pewdiepie
  • jacksepticeye
  • markiplier
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Symphonies; Septiplier by FandomsDoneRight
Symphonies; Septiplierby Rinny♥︎
He smiled, something about him so was bright and.. Astonishing to me. I blinked slowly, and he asked. "Did you want any help, Mr. Fischbach?" His tone was smoo...
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  • symphonies
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So, About That Night... (Septiplier AU) by Enterthetadpole
So, About That Night... ( Tad 🐸
Boy meets boy. Boy sleeps with boy. Boy has no plans to talk to the other boy again. Until the unexpected happens... (Updates on Wednesdays) Cover art by the incredibl...
  • comedy
  • septiplier
  • pewdieken
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His Eyes (Jacksepticeye x reader) by JackSepticStories
His Eyes (Jacksepticeye x reader)by Mason
A book with you n jack
  • xreader
  • mahoganylox
  • septiplier
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House Of Dark (Darkiplier Story) by PsychoGenius
House Of Dark (Darkiplier Story)by PsychoGenius
The Irishman backed away into the wall behind him. "Mark?" The looming figure chuckled darkly. "Close, but no." "Th-then who are you?" &quo...
  • egoraptor
  • cinnamontoastken
  • danti
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The World's Most Wanted  by ObsessedWithY0uTube
The World's Most Wanted by ashie
(Warning: Mature) Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg (PewDiePie) is the leader of the most dangerous gang in the world, Seán William Mcloughlin (JackSepticEye) and Mark Edward F...
  • guns
  • marziabisognin
  • jacksepticeye
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United [A Superhero AU] - Book Two by AngelWingInspiration
United [A Superhero AU] - Book Twoby It's Annalise!
[Sequel to Different] Three months ago, a battle that would determine the fate of San Francisco was fought in the streets. Three months ago, the heroes were defeated an...
  • cute
  • pewdiepie
  • matpat
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Blue Eyed Dragon - Owen Grady X Dragon!Male!Reader by RulerOfDragonz
Blue Eyed Dragon - Owen Grady X RulerOfShipping
"What is he?" "He's a dragon-dinosaur-animal mix." "Is he dangerous?" "Dangerous,deadly,highly-inteligent. "What's his name?"...
  • dragons-dinosaur-animals
  • pewdiepie
  • owengradyxdragonmalereader
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Masked Gamer Girl (cryaotic x reader) by nerdycardinal
Masked Gamer Girl (cryaotic x nerdycardinal
I thought that I was the only person that wore a mask. Not just to conventions or Halloween. No. I mean all the time. I rarely even take it off to go to bed. I found out...
  • pewdiepie
  • cryaotic
  • cinnamontoastken
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Decisions [Septiplier] by SepticGirl88
Decisions [Septiplier]by SepticGirl88
Shit can get complicated in life. Especially between friends, or even best friends. And it all usually tends to happen when someone goes and makes a bad decision, and th...
  • bob
  • breakup
  • amy
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11:11 [ pewdiepie ] by winglessgod
11:11 [ pewdiepie ]by ice
A girl running away from a place they call home and from an abusive man she calls her father. She lost everything she had ever have even before she stepped out of their...
  • marzia
  • wiishu
  • fanfiction
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Gameplay's and Heart Eyes (Jacksepticeye X Reader) by SketchaCreeps
Gameplay's and Heart Eyes ( >ShakiahVardy<
Ripley is a new YouTuber who loves filming gameplays. Her YouTube name is RazorFiend, but her real name is Ripley Reynolds. Her favourite YouTubers are PewDiePie, Markip...
  • jacksepticeye
  • videogames
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Youtubers And The Deep Web. by PsychoGenius
Youtubers And The Deep PsychoGenius
Felix Kjellburg was skeptical when his friend told him how to access the deep web. Sure the game was cool, but there was no way something like that actually existed. You...
  • pewdiepiefanfiction
  • angst
  • cinnamontoastken
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The Experiments by PsychoGenius
The Experimentsby PsychoGenius
The planet is dying. Over-population has triggered a new disease simply known as The Plague. Millions have perished, and once a human is infected there is no return. How...
  • youtubers
  • h2odelirious
  • nigahiga
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female wolf furry x male reader by devildog235
female wolf furry x male readerby devildog235
All I can say is have fun reading
  • ringostarr
  • georgeharrison
  • paulmccartney
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Infected || PewdieCry by Lost_And_Insane
Infected || PewdieCryby ××/Sαm\××
Cry is on his own in the zombie apocalypse. He doesn't easily trust others and is used to killing people as well as infected. He has never liked traveling in groups, but...
  • snake
  • pewdiecry
  • entoanthepack
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Does He Love Me? by She_Likes_To_Write
Does He Love Me?by Ŧríníŧý~
Sequel to I love him~ Just as they thought everything was going to be okay... Will Mark have to choose between the one he loves and the one he is devoted to? When they'...
  • natewantstobattle
  • mpreg
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YouTuber Preferences by lpc122001
YouTuber Preferencesby Shadow of Death
Includes: • Jacksepticeye • PewDiePie • CrankGameplays • Markiplier • CinnamonToastKen • AmazingPhil • DanTDM • Danisnotonfire Just random preferences that I come up wit...
  • cinnamontoastken
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You're Up Awfully Late {Septiplier} by CaddyCorner
You're Up Awfully Late {Septiplier}by Kel
The first time was a mistake; Jack swears by it: It was a convention. They were drunk. Jack and his girlfriend were fighting. Mark just looked so good with his new hairc...
  • convention
  • septicplier
  • mark
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