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Dweeb; Septiplier by FandomsDoneRight
Dweeb; Septiplierby Rinny♥︎
I was sure that it couldn't be that bad having to share a room with someone. I didn't expect anything less, this was college after all and having a dorm room was an expe...
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The Flirt by FandomsDoneRight
The Flirtby Rinny♥︎
"Well hello gorgeous." He smiled at me, his hair falling down over his face. "I haven't seen you around here before." ~ This fanfiction will contain...
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Jerk; Septiplier by FandomsDoneRight
Jerk; Septiplierby Rinny♥︎
"Eh just give him time!" I was told, but it was going to take a little more than just "time" to get Jack to trust me - or just not glare at me in gen...
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The Lover; Septiplier by FandomsDoneRight
The Lover; Septiplierby Rinny♥︎
[Sequel to The Flirt] Times changed, and I guess it was suspected that I would change too. Unfortunately, there are some things you just cannot unsee, cannot undo, and y...
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Reflection by FandomsDoneRight
Reflectionby Rinny♥︎
This is a collection of origin stories of evil-personas.
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Archangel/Tags by FanficsAndFantasy
Archangel/Tagsby Nikki
hey Rinny; here's the origin story for my character.
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About The Author by FandomsDoneRight
About The Authorby Rinny♥︎
This is just a little thing where I'm going to post about how I chose characters and why I do the things I do when I write! I thought it might be interesting to share my...
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Symphonies; Septiplier by FandomsDoneRight
Symphonies; Septiplierby Rinny♥︎
He smiled, something about him so was bright and.. Astonishing to me. I blinked slowly, and he asked. "Did you want any help, Mr. Fischbach?" His tone was smoo...
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