The Broken Places (Septiplier)

The Broken Places (Septiplier)

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Hails the Extraordinare By maydayhaybay Completed

Mark's close friend Joseph had just died and Mark didn't know what to do. He had never felt so empty and cold. It was like there was a black hole inside him, sucking away all the light in his life. And Jack ends up in LA to spend time with his American pals and ends up finding a new home trying to rebuild the broken places in Mark.

(This is NOT meant to be disrespectful to Mark or Jack or anyone else. This is a fan-made story and is a respectful one and is 100% fiction -though it is based very VERY slightly on an actual event. This is not in any way affiliated with any youtuber I mention, nor is it affiliated w/youtube itself. I post links to all the fanart/videos that I find because none of it is my work. Only the writing is mine.)

Please enjoy. Also, the cover image was made for the story by my lovely little Sheepy <3 thank you so much

LotusRoseIsAFK LotusRoseIsAFK 19 hours ago
DAMMIT IM THINKING OF DANIEL. FML *bursts into tears and crumples to the ground, smacking my head on the floor*
-wxndering -wxndering May 30, 2016
i'm excited to read the rest of the book this first chapter was so so good
SkittlezTheFox SkittlezTheFox Jul 06, 2016
Short steps..
                              Deep breath..
                              Everything is alright..
                              Chin up..
                              I cant..
                              Step into the spotlight..
Danti001 Danti001 Jun 12, 2016
Mark... plz... no... *bursts into tears*
                              I get the feeling I'm gonna be crying a lot in this book.
LotusRoseIsAFK LotusRoseIsAFK 19 hours ago
All aboard the feels train.
                              Although it feels more like a yacht.
                              Scratch that, it's a planet.
                              And "Planet Feels" has a visitor.
SkittlezTheFox SkittlezTheFox Jul 06, 2016
                              AND YOU CANT SLEEP BECAUSE OF ME XD