Hold on JackABoy

Hold on JackABoy

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XXXXXX Trigger Warning XXXXXX

-minor character death
-past abuse 

Jacksepticeye. A hilarious Irish Gaming youtuber; who uploads almost twice a day. Who is always smiling, yelling, and just plain out having a good time... Or is he? When the red button on the camera is blinking he's being the child he truly is at heart, he forgets everything about the world and just goes with it. But when the camera is turned off its a different story.  

Markiplier.  A pink mustached goofball; who met Jack through connected friends. Him and Jack both upload videos to YouTube and have a whole lot of fun doing so. Mark thinks Jack is the most beautiful being he has ever laid his eyes upon.

What will happen when Mark tries to get closer to Jack? 
Will Mark get scarred and leave jack?

MythicalGeek MythicalGeek Nov 15, 2016
This is making my heart start to break in two verrry quickly 😢
The only thing I have to say about this sad not is.... 
                              Phew this wasn't from mark he aint d.e.a.d. dead
secretiveowl secretiveowl Oct 25, 2016
Best thing to of ever of have been said by Jacksepticeye EVER! HAPPYWEEEEEELSSSSS!!!!
eggysaviour eggysaviour 6 days ago
thefanfictiongod thefanfictiongod Dec 31, 2016
*Grabs tissues* I honestly thought I would have to use these for nosebleeds.
MythicalGeek MythicalGeek Nov 15, 2016
Noooooo noooo nooo no nononono no this is so saaad noooo 😭