Geek's Obsession

Geek's Obsession

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Senior year starts out as it always has for outcast Edison Bates and best friend Nora Slater but changes one afternoon when an unseen force takes a liking to Edison. When Edison loses his outcast status, popular girl "Queen Anna Devereaux" invites him to join her clique. Nora senses something vile and dark about Edison as she watches him transform into "Eddie." Unwilling to lose her best friend, Nora starts out on a path to discover what changed him.

3rd Place Winner in The Wolf Awards. (Paranormal Category)
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                              This is the zinger at the end of the opening, and I think it has to hit a bit harder. That would require knowing more about the secrets in Edison's head, but if you want to give it more punch, I would lose the start of his quote and just go with "Our lives will never be the same." IMHO.
 #NBR Q2 I wasn't lost. It wasn't very difficult to follow. Obviously "the plot" unfolds over the course of the whole book, but this was a good introduction to it. The pace seemed right to me and you included enough action to keep me hooked.
 #NBR Q1 I didn't really feel as if you needed any more backstory than you already included. I was able to understand the context and the characters' histories. You weaved the exposition into the story without too much distraction, and that's all for the good.
                              I agree with the other NBR's here. I was in Edison's head. We need some kind of warning that we are now in Nora's.
 #NBR Q3 I suppose you weren't as detailed in your descriptions as some books, but that's really just a style choice. You gave the reader a solid sense of the characters and the setting. It's not necessary for you to include more information than you did, but you wouldn't be doing any harm by it.
                              Look, I'm sorry I'm being such a nit-picker. The word "screech" is either an animal noise, as in a bat, or a tire sound on the pavement. A supernatural force would cause someone to scream, I think or maybe some other word like howl, but screech threw me.