Roommate chris brown

Roommate chris brown

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babyisis By babyisis Updated Jan 26, 2014

Chris pov:

Hey yall im 24 years old i live in LA and i got a sexy ass roommate named  Honey.But she has a bum ass boyfriend and i got my hoes.

Honey pov:

Heyy im Honey im 22 years old and i live with my good friend Chris.

I was in my room on the phone talking to Tony when i heard moans and screams.I told tony ill call him back then hung up.I put my phone down the rubbed my eyes.I walked down stairs to living room and started to watch t.v.I few mins later i heard heavy foots steps.I looked up and saw Chris' hoe crying.She ran out the house and i continued to watch t.v

"WASSUP MY NIGGA"chris yelled jumping on me


Chris got off of me and i ran.I heard him running after me so i started to run faster.I felt arms wrap around my waist and i screamed.

"I got you baby"chris said in my ear

"Chriis let me go"

"Give me a kiss and i will"he said with a smirk

"Nooo you stankk"i said wrapping my arms around his neck

"But ...

    KaiannaMays KaiannaMays Apr 10, 2016
    They must be some real real close best friends if he asked her to get in the shower with him... But, THATS NUN OF MY BUSINESS😞😕😑