Brother's of Fate (Uzumaki Twins)

Brother's of Fate (Uzumaki Twins)

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Jerry By Oceans_One Updated Aug 18, 2018

(Since most of the Uzumaki Twins fanfics have the reader as a female, I thought I'd make one for the guys who share my love for naruto!)
(Seriously check it out before you read this, it contains a ton of spoilers!)
(Btw credit to @dawnxash for inspiration)


The twisting energy of the nine tailed fox was demolishing the landscape. Crushing trees and logs, breaking stones and squashing dirt, killing the wildlife that never knew the danger was even there. And worst of all, it neared the Village hidden in the leaves.
The Fourth Hokage had a plan that could save the lives of thousands, but it's price was unacceptable.... his life.
Using his life to save the village, The Fourth Hokage trapped and sealed the fox spirit in Not one, but two young born children.

Naruto and (Y/n) Uzumaki.