All Natural

All Natural

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A Nikki's Para-Nor-Mance Novel

Deva's a wood nymph- an old and pure one that was left behind in a dying forest. She refused to give up on her trees and family. The others had left a millennium ago and now there are lumberjacks- not all are human. A were wolf has come with them, but she is having a hard time understanding why a beast of the forest would bring her trees harm.

Danerus is an alpha wolf without a pack. After a witches spell gone wrong every being was killed, leaving only him when he had slained the witch. Now he is roaming doing what he can to get money, staying forever on the road always moving. But he has ran out of money once again and Lumberjacks make good money with just one job. But he didn't expect the fiery red haired wood nymph to be there with the help of the Norse god Loki trying to rid her forest of them.

What is he to do when all there fighting leads to a passion he never thought he would have again? A passion that Deva has never experienced. These two embark there passions but what are they to do when the Norse God decides to make her his own?

*Okay sucky description but it's better then none at all right?*

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JenniferGardner4 JenniferGardner4 Dec 02, 2017
In the Eddas, it is said that Loki had very light, spiked-looking hair rather than black hair.  If I remember correctly, he was also thin.  I love reading the Norse Sagas!
Amrak324 Amrak324 Nov 06, 2016
Considering how much they've done he's actually said pretty little. Want to here too much, see me rant or just talk normally....
Amrak324 Amrak324 Nov 06, 2016
Seriously getting annoyed too but with everyone else, he seems like a nice kid and is acting totally normal but then again I'mnuse to everyone being super talkative and mostly friendly.....
philipriversmegafan philipriversmegafan Sep 22, 2014
"their" implies possession, like "their dog" or "their house," like the house belongs to them. "They're" is a contraction meaning "they are" as in they are or they're fine. (tldr; use they're instead of their)
TiffanyNLekanoff TiffanyNLekanoff May 30, 2014
@asheleylaf no that was the one who made the original characters for her contest. I simply dedicated to her getting permission to use them. But bless your heart for thinking so. I love the writer and her works. I can only hope one day to be as good.
TiffanyNLekanoff TiffanyNLekanoff May 08, 2014
@mossfire I'm actually working on it right now lol. It should be up later today.