━oh my! by outrojeong
━oh my!by ʲᵉᵒⁿᵍʸᵉᵒⁿ
if you let it breathe what shall i do ?
  • twice
  • jeongyeonrp
  • jeongyeon
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Fifty Shades : The Darkness  by EuropaYooSul
Fifty Shades : The Darkness by CB WonChae♥'s
Your shades are dead into my darkness... (Book 2 of Fifty Shades of Byun BaekHyun).
  • han
  • sul
  • europa
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Someone Like Yoo by ravenwong
Someone Like Yooby Rae ♡
✧ Goblin: The Lonely and Great God fan fiction - Yoo Deok Hwa ✧ Growing up as the adopted daughter of the goddess of birth and fate, Oon Rae-yeon has always believed in...
  • yoo
  • goblin
  • drama
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blank | phan by cherryjoonseok
blank | phanby yo ma.
"You're the only masterpiece I need." - TRIGGER WARNING: DISEASES, DEATH, FAMILY, FAMILY ISSUES, BLOOD, MAJOR CHARACTER DEATH © cherryjoonseok 2015
  • phanfiction
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  • blank
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TWICE's BOOK by JYP_Entertainment1
TWICE's BOOKby JYP_Entertainment1
كتاب خاص لتوايس ?
  • jihyo
  • sana
  • park
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[OG]Annoying Siblings 2 + yoo seonho by kyungniel
[OG]Annoying Siblings 2 + yoo seon...by kyungniel
"Im sorry" "Tell me the whole story."- seonho - - - - "Its already past please just forget it,let the past go greet a new world come." &qu...
  • hyena
  • seonha
  • raeun
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♔ нιgн вιcн ♔ by imBISEXUALluv-enjoy
♔ нιgн вιcн ♔by they moan taaye🌈🤪
just read this shitty mess i call a book✨
  • df
  • bisexual
  • younotcute
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the one that got away ➳ yoo seonho by bb_slay
the one that got away ➳ yoo seonhoby ir3lia♡
A Yoo Seonho fan fiction where he doesn't wanna leave you but he has to...
  • yooseonho
  • produce101
  • fiction
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Forced Marriage ¦ 2yeon FF by KeeganWayne
Forced Marriage ¦ 2yeon FFby Keegan Houstan Wayne
In which Jeongyeon has to marry a stranger by force... #genderbender - Don't like it, leave it -
  • yoo
  • nayeon
  • arranged
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Un Yoo + Un Jung by aome91
Un Yoo + Un Jungby Aome91
One Shots de Daejae para quien ame esta couple daejae (daehyun x youngjae) BAP Oneshots variados (?
  • youngjae
  • daejae
  • jung
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R E D A M A N C Y - A Yoo Kihyun Fanfiction by b0blegum_
R E D A M A N C Y - A Yoo Kihyun F...by b0blegum_
He was so broken and afraid of love. Never thought he would return one's love in full anymore. 21+ (first published on tumblr.com/b0blegum)
  • wonho
  • fanfictionkorea
  • korea
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guitarist | c. hun by keywonpil
guitarist | c. hunby ˚✧₊ mia
he played guitar and she played bass, but they always practiced in the same studio. whether it was because of seeing each other every week, or the shared love of music...
  • kpop
  • chahoon
  • yoohoeseung
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marrying you by myouinapulp
marrying youby nami
"I love you, my Nayeonnie..." // a 2yeon english narrative | short story © myouinapulp 2018, plagiarism is a crime.
  • wedding
  • yoojeongyeon
  • nayeonnie
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Peach tree [Jimin X Choi YooJung ] by Me_Di_Na
Peach tree [Jimin X Choi YooJung ]by D3ANS
Choi Yoo Jung ~ I lived out on a farm out in a small town for most of my life I would help around the house and do lots of course. I went to a small high school with onl...
  • yoo
  • bts
  • fanfiction
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"Just because I smile, it doesn't mean I'm happy. Because it takes just one smile to cover a million tears." M ACADEMY's most popular girl, SuYeon, hides a ver...
  • self-harm
  • smile
  • yoo
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Vampire Diaries [Monsta X FF] by kihyuniecutie
Vampire Diaries [Monsta X FF]by CLOUDYY
Do you believe in fairytales? Ghost? Vampires and witches? I never believe those things exist said Min Young. She is an ordinary girl except that she was born as a princ...
  • son
  • hyunwoo
  • monstax
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Twice Mistake  by Infinity_FireLight
Twice Mistake by ChanBaek Ocean
Story Line and Written By "EuropaYooSulHan"
  • yoo
  • cb
  • sul
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I am not a robot  by RashuPark
I am not a robot by Rashu Park
I'm Not a Robot is a South Korean television series starring Yoo Seung-ho, Chae Soo-bin and Um Ki-joon. It is written by Kim Sun-mi and directed by Jung Dae-yoon...... S...
  • koreandramas
  • kdrama
  • seungho
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:))) Mình mở blog này ra nhằm mục đích tự vui, do khi muốn tìm những sách đam mỹ mới phát hành rất khó khăn. Các nhà sách online như Tiki.vn, Fahasha.com, Vinabook.com...
  • đammỹ
  • sách
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Stairway to Heaven +guanho by prxmroses
Stairway to Heaven +guanhoby Lia
Guanlin/Seonho. AU. BL. Berisi tentang kompilasi oneshot GuanHo, di mana pada setiap chapter-nya akan disajikan cerita yang berbeda. Chapter yang mengandung konten dewas...
  • yooseonho
  • yoo
  • panseonh
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