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Im Nayeon and Yoo Jeongyeon loved each other too much they've lost control.
5 Reasons Why You Should Not Love Me | JeongMi by judielMyoui
5 Reasons Why You Should Not Love...by JYP YOU BITCH
There's a lot of reasons to fall in love with me, yet there are reasons why you shouldn't. Published: December 10,2020 Ended: March 19, 2021
forever | winrina by pola2roid
forever | winrinaby (ㆁᴗㆁ✿)
"forever is a long time, so tell me what can i do to be back in your arms again?" ***self harm*** 02/02/2021
Typical Girl (Jeongyeon x Fem Reader) by Marphia_Min
Typical Girl (Jeongyeon x Fem Read...by 소피아
Y/n is a normal school girl, who adores TWICE so much, they are her happiness, her cure. Thinking how can she get a better life. What will happen if she met her idols? W...
The Devil's Contract [MONSTA X Kihyun FanFic] by XoXoXiuMimi
The Devil's Contract [MONSTA X Kih...by ʚ hσng chíttαphσn ɞ
Description: After your break up with your EX-Boyfriend Lee Minhyuk (Monsta X), you meet a demon named Yoo Kihyun who was summoned by you (Kwon Jaeryeong), who is now hi...
Monsta X Imagines by monbebe294
Monsta X Imaginesby Cath
Filled with Monsta X imagines, almost all of them are oneshots.. These are all x reader stories. So, use your imaginations! Warning!! -Includes profanities -Made these o...
Color Rush (컬러러쉬) - English Translation by JaqqisWorld
Color Rush (컬러러쉬) - English Transl...by Jaqqi
Living with a neurological blindness that limits his ability to see color, Yeon Woo (Yoo Jun) has grown up in a world that looks very different from the one most people...
drunken texts | jeongmo by fabsorrows
drunken texts | jeongmoby ms. goddammit
jeongyeon texts momo while drunk
3005 ; changki ◑  by jooheonssi
3005 ; changki ◑ by jess is inactive
in which changkyun teaches kihyun to love life, meanwhile kihyun teaches changkyun to love himself. © jooheonssi 2017
if the world was ending ; jeongmin by rimjeyyy
if the world was ending ; jeongminby 림 이
Two strangers, One summer and... 00:00, the time which changes everything. Today is gone and all you have hold of is tomorrow. But what if, tomorrow never did really ex...
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I'll wait | I.C.K  by Phoenix_Hwang
I'll wait | I.C.K by Yong ( De-activated )
ChangKyun was like a bubble, attractive but empty. But when he though his emptiness would be warmed by a ray of unexpected hope, he did not think of how it would turn hi...
My Protector || Changki ✓ by SkyAchiever
My Protector || Changki ✓by Sky's
"I, Im Changkyun, will protect you, Yoo Kihyun, from the monster named, Park Mingyu-" "Kim Mingyu." He said chuckling a little bit. "Oh..."...
Yoo Joonghyuk x Kim Dokja ONESHOTS by themostancientdream
Yoo Joonghyuk x Kim Dokja ONESHOTSby .
Fanfics of characters from the Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint ------ There will be spoilers from the novel so be sure to have read it first before reading this book
Lost In The Dream  '' Yoo Kihyun '' °monsta x° by fatalyoo
Lost In The Dream '' Yoo Kihyun '...by 𝕔𝕦𝕥𝕚𝕖 𝕙𝕪𝕦𝕟 🥺
"After I've lost you, Who was my everything, My feelings created this fantasy " #2 yookihyun (16/8/20)
jeongmin one shot by PrincessSorrosa4
jeongmin one shotby bye_bye
They got no jam But there moments are soooo cute just random jeongmin one shot 😜
Career or Love? → Michaeng by aestheticallysatzu
Career or Love? → Michaengby h i a t u s
Myoui Mina, a straight A student, the perfect daughter. She was now going to enter a university in Seoul, South Korea with her two best friends that came from the same c...
I Love Yoo Not | I Love Yoo x Popular! Bi! Smart! Reader  by poppyayay
I Love Yoo Not | I Love Yoo x Popu...by poppyayay
↣ I Love Yoo x Popular! Bi! Smart Reader ↢ Another alternative universe where Shin Ae wasn't the one who poured Orange Soda on Yeong-Gi. Actually it's the universe where...
the cute blonde next door ; winrina by hugs4mina
the cute blonde next door ; winrinaby mari
when jimin goes over to aeri's new house she notices a blonde girl through the window next door. she thinks this girl's real cute. jimin finds herself going over to aeri...