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Awake by byuliess
Awakeby rach
Twice disbanded one year ago and Chaeyoung died right after. The rest of them live their lives as normal citizens but they didn't keep in contact after the disbandment...
Twice - Our daughter by TwiceinOnce
Twice - Our daughterby Momo’s wifey
Where Y/N is Twice's daughter. • Short-scenes(or stories) of her with Twice • Started: 2020/06/12(HKG) - I'll try to suit every ship you guys want. A lot of you wanted...
SON'S HEIR (MICHAENG) (18+) Michaeng_poreber
Wanting to fulfill her dreams of being somewhat of a mother, Myoui Mina signs up to become a surrogate for a private, wealthy woman by the name of Son Chaeyoung. Not kno...
TWICE 10th member One-Shots by Darkstar522
TWICE 10th member One-Shotsby Darkstar522
Imagines of Y/N as the tenth member of TWICE About this book: - Mostly platonic relationships - English is not my first language so yeah... That's a good warning lol ...
The 6 Worlds || Twice X Reader by mintzuwi
The 6 Worlds || Twice X Readerby c.miyeon's
"There are a total of six worlds, captain" The captain of the strongest knight order has been resurrected into another world with no memories of the life she...
TWICE Han Gia | Sceneries Short Story Oneshot 10th member by galaxyzzy
TWICE Han Gia | Sceneries Short [Xingyu] Mina Ames
"3 2 1. One in a Million. Hello we're TWICE!" Accept requests! A super baby Once making a fan fiction of as a Twice member, something for Once who want's to b...
Wish Upon A Star by gd_carpediem
Wish Upon A Starby TitaniaScarlet
Twenty-three-year-old, Sana Minatozaki, an idol and a member of a famous Kpop girl group meets an independent and strong silent type girl, Tzuyu Chou. All of a sudden, s...
Lawsuit by TheEiriniii
Lawsuitby TheEiriniii
Being the CEO of Kim Corporation, Kim Jisoo is bound to face problems and make decisions that are favorable to their company. What if she makes a mistake? A mistake that...
Undeniably Yours (Possessive Series 1) ProfxStudent by FidelisAmator
Undeniably Yours (Possessive PsycheEros
Possessive Series 1 Myou Mina as Khalliah Daniellè Stvn A Licensed Architect, CEO and Owner of a prestigious company. Elegant and Sophisticated. Strict with a bitchy at...
Demons | TWICE FF. by kdhville
Demons | TWICE « SLOW »
"This school is meant only for demons" Y/n never expect for her real identity to slowly unfolds upon entering a school. A something she never expect her self t...
I'm Secretly In Love With Her by KayneLies
I'm Secretly In Love With Herby Kayne
"It's because I love you! I love you Myoui Mina! I've been secretly loving you..." Son Chaeyoung is a 24-year-old lady who is known as Katarina by many. She a...
Soulmates  by ZC0730
Soulmates by Ma. Rozelle Cacayan
Son Chaeyoung, the main rapper of K-pop group called Twice fell in love for the first time to her co-member. What will Son Chaeyoung do in the name of love? What sacrifi...
Royalty (Satzu) by SapphireChou
Royalty (Satzu)by 🌙
They say that opposites attract. So, do they? (A Satzu Adaptation) Ctto. @WhileATeen
The Queen and her National Treasure  by LoyalOnce
The Queen and her National LoyalOnce
This is book 2 of 'Princess of the lost Kingdom'. The love story between the Queen of Castlemaine and the Princess of Macedon is continuing on in this book. It is not a...
Princess of the lost Kingdom  by LoyalOnce
Princess of the lost Kingdom by LoyalOnce
'Good! Keep glaring at me with so much hate and anger in your eyes, because it's easier that way. It's easier for me to be heartless towards you, because Mina, the hate...
MAKE ME GO(Completed) by chaempot
Love me love me now Love me love me good Don't need nobody else when it feels this good (you make me go) Ain't nobody around, do it like you should Yeah,you make me go, ...
the tenth twice member | twice reactions by eellooww
the tenth twice member | twice eellooww
if twice got another member
Memories (Michaeng / Completed) by S7ven-
Memories (Michaeng / Completed)by S7ven
Michaeng. Michaeng. Michaeng. Lol This story includes detailed matured content, brace yourselves. I'll appreciate any reactions or comments :)
TWICE Imagines/One Shots (gxg) by Akan3_Hashy
TWICE Imagines/One Shots (gxg)by akane_once
One shots/imagines about TWICE (individual members) x Female Reader :) (Highly inspired by gayforddlovato, please go check out her account because her imagines are very...